Burning the Koran?

It’s completely idiotic and fans the flames of hatred. How does anyone propose to call this act, Christian? It is not.

Now I understand the pastor of this church has received death threats, and he’s wearing a gun strapped to his hip. Hmm, don’t quite picture our Lord facing off against Pilate, and taking this kind of radical stance.

Now, extremism, is a funny thing. We can see it in others, yet fail to see it in ourselves. The incredible delusion is in part, because thecontroversy a person is seeking for his cause, is perceived as the attention which is needed, to prove the validity of the cause.

Well, this is,in fact, the same radical beliefs which had been behind the terrorist attacks on September 11th. How could a spiritual leader and his followers, which are intent upon burning a Koran, think that this isn’t of the same spirit?

The enemy of our souls, at it again. He loves to “Rob, kill and destroy.” He will use whatever is convenient, and most likely use our fears to catapult his agenda. But this would definitely spark rage, from people everywhere. What a perfect plan.

But it isn’t Christs’ plan. His plan is to take a righteous stand. This is not a radical stand which caused more hatred, but  a stand which separated truth from lies. The darkness from the light. And this is all we are sent to do, in these last days. He will move His hand and do the rest.

When darkness is exposed, it is because the Lord is exposing it. We have no control over that.However, those in darkness will have a If they choose to continue in darkness, or surrender to Him. It is the purpose of His plan. It is always to bring men to a saving knowledge of Him.

We must pray that these, especially our loved ones, will turn from the darkness to His wonderful light!

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