Are You Lemonade Qualified?

Life Can be full of lemons

Well, as they say, “when life hands you lemons, make lemonade!”

Apparently, that is not an easy task for some people and it requires explicit instructions.

I was working  a flight once, with another girl, and we opened up the beverage cart, only to find, instructions, with illustrations, on how to mix the lemonade!

We started laughing so hard, and decided, it just wasn’t explicit enough. We added our own illustrations. As we sat on the jumpseat, we entertained ourselves as we drew and laughed. A passenger in front of us got quite a kick out of watching us. He laughed, although he didn’t know what he was laughing about. “Looks like you’re having a good time!” He said.

 “Now, wait a minute,” I said. “We are required to evacuate an airplane if necessary, but we are completely and utterly confused by the mixing of lemonade!”

As we laughed, she drew a hand, a spoon, a fork and knife, on the flyer. She added that whatever, was convenient, could be used to mix this concoction. Then we added the amount of water, with a picture of a water spigot and the stream of water, for those, who are unfamiliar with a water faucet. Geesh, the seatbelt is difficult enough! All this on one flight!

Next the pitcher, and the little container of lemonade mix, was illustrated. These flight attendants! What in the world have they been doing up until this point? I can only imagine, as we already had the lemonade on the planes for quite a while. Someone probably did something ridiculous as using the ‘blue water,’ from the toilet or something. Surely it must have been extremely silly, for an expense such as this! I mean to print this many flyers, and insert into each cart on all of these flights!

It certainly could not instill public confidence to know that we are perceived as a child and unable to do the simplest task. All I could think of is the waste of money and it probably involved a whole Power Point presentation, just to get this idea on the table. Yes, I’m sure it was a room full of executives, all nodding their heads in agreement. Patting someone on the back with kudos for this revolutionary idea! He probably was elevated to Vice President status!

“Hey, I said, “you know, I think that they should add a day to our emergency training for this, don’t you?” She laughed, “Yes, “LQ Training!” (Lemonade Qualified) We should be getting some kind of certificate, to prove that we are Lemonade Qualified. Wow! Just think. With a legitimate license to mix lemonade, I could go virtually anywhere! The little lemonade stand on the corner, or maybe even one of those cool places in the mall! I’d be rolling in lemons!

All of a sudden the call bell rang from the back. “Oh-oh, I bet they’re calling because they aren’t Lemonade Qualified!” Hmm, I think I would like to teach that class. Then I will get the vp position!” She added, “Yes, I think I’ll be the vice president of pretzels!”

Upon arriving at our domicile we promptly placed our new instructions for everyone to see, in our lounge. I think that a flyer of this importance, needs to be where everyone can see it. Just think of the large group of us that have stumbled in the dark, trying to figure out this complex task.

Thank God, we are looking out for each other, or your lives would definitely be full of bitter lemons, with no hope of having lemonade!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Carol Ann Hoel
    Sep 21, 2010 @ 13:35:15

    How funny! I enjoyed this post. LQ…. Thank you for sharing.


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