Dance With Me

It is a moment of joy and intimacy. To dance with the one you love, is it not?

I remember the first time a man asked me to dance, a slow dance. It was at someones wedding. I was timid and afraid. I was only 15.  I wasn’t quite sure. I had seen this man at my high school with my friends older sister, once. He was a bit older than I.

The song, Color My World, was playing. We danced and he was quite taken with me. However, I did not feel the same toward him. I had an attraction, but this seemed a bit close for two people who had not known each other. I was still very innocent and I felt this act should be mutually desired.

How many times have we danced with people who we did not really have the desire to dance with? By the same token, how many have we had desire and it wasn’t mutual?

Well, this is the dance of life and there is one, only one, who stands patiently waiting. He has requested our presence at the Feast. And He stands patiently waiting. He wants us to desire Him, and accept His request for the dance.

I went to another dance once. I was dressed for the occasion. But this time, I was the one rejected.  But yet, I knew after the experience, that the Lord was the one who had led me there. He gave  me as a picture. A picture of His bride. He has asked us to be “a light on a hill.” He desires  others to see the picture of His glory. He is the one who calls out to this dark world. And He chooses word pictures to do it. He sends us into dark places to radiate His glory. We leave an impression. We impart His spirit into others. We are to call men out. We find ourselves in many diverse places and situations. Many times we do not realize until afterward, that it was His plan all along. Yes, we asked to be His servants and He alone will choose the where and when. But you can be quite sure that if I have crossed your path, it is because He is calling you. And it is for His glory. He is requesting your presence at the dance. “He delivers  men from darkness into His marvelous light.”

I make myself available to Him to draw men by the power of His spirit. Now, He is at the right hand of the Father, awaiting the dance with His bride. I know that there is still  much work to be done. But, just as ” Christ endured the cross, because of the joy that was set before Him,” I also know what joy awaits me. At the conclusion, we shall finally have this dance!

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