As Deep Calls Unto Deep

I was reading this from a passage of scripture in Psalm 45, this morning. As I was troubled about the things in my life and the sadness which was overwhelming me, the Lord spoke to my spirit.

It speaks of my Lord and it states, “daughters of kings are among your honored women;at your right hand is the royal bride in gold of Ophir;

Then the word came to me as I continued to read, “Listen, O daughter, consider and give ear;

Forget your people and your father’s house, The king is enthralled with your beauty; honor him, for He is your Lord. The Daughter of Tyre will come with a gift, men of wealth will seek your favor.

All glorious princess within her chamber; her gown is interwoven with gold, In embroidered garments she is led to the king, her virgin companions follow her and are brought to you. They are led in with joy and gladness, they enter the palace of the king.”

As I read this, I began to remember that my God is a jealous God. “He won’t relent, until He has all of me. No man can take His place and I cannot expect this place to be filled by a mere mortal. He wants me and He pursues me.

I thought about an experience I had when I was newly single and going out with some single girls. One evening my friend and I went to a club. It was a place where you could watch people riding a bull. I thought it was pretty entertaining.

As we left, she decided to go to her car and mine was in the other direction She walked off in her high heels and I was standing in front of the club. All of a sudden a rickshaw rode up right in front of me and three men were in it. One spoke, “My friend has been watching you and he is very attracted to you. Will you ride with us?” I thought this was funny. I had no idea who these guys were, but stranger yet, they were all speaking Hebrew. They told me they were from Israel and visiting the area. This was a tourist attraction, with all of the clubs and restaurant.

I said, “I don’t know any of you.””Please just ride around once so he can talk with you.” “Ok, I agreed. After all, it was a tourist place and I knew the rickshaw driver was with us.

I rode around with them as their friend was telling me he thought I was beautiful and wanted to see me again. I loved listening to all of them speaking to one another in Hebrew, and couldn’t wait to tell my friend about this experience. Yep, this was a new one. I had never been kidnapped in a rickshaw before! My friend had called me when she reached her car and it was only minutes before this happened.

As I finally convinced these guys that I enjoyed the ride,but wasn’t interested in a “second date,” they asked me where my car was parked. They had the driver take me to my car. Of course the man was trying until the last possible moment, to make me change my mind.

The next morning my friend called to see how I was doing. I said, “Well, as a matter of fact, right after you left, I was kidnapped by a bunch of guys in a rickshaw!” “What?!” She couldn’t even begin to understand what I was talking about, and I’m sure she thought I had to be kidding. She laughed hysterically as I recounted the whole experience.

I had to admit that although I had no interest in these guys, I was impressed with the pursuit. I think everyone is flattered to know someone is interested enough to do something above and beyond the normal flirtation. This was a bit over the top, but I thought it was extremely sweet and quite unconventional.

At any rate, as I was reading these verses, the Lord reminded me that He is always pursuing me and He has the whole universe at His disposal. He impresses me with this fact and shows me that I may not be appreciated by man, but I am engaged to Him. He has “placed me, like a seal upon His heart, like a seal upon His arm.”

Long ago, I realized, I belong to Him. As many times as I’ve tried to stray, He has brought me back. I can hear Him. He calls me. It is from the heavens and His voice is the depth of His spirit unto my own. There is nothing shallow when it comes to the Lord and His wooing  in this divine romance. It is  “Deep calling unto deep.” 

“I am my beloveds and my beloved is mine.”

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Beth
    Sep 03, 2010 @ 20:02:11

    It was great to be reminded that God pursues us — especially us women.
    Thank you


    • flygurlual
      Sep 04, 2010 @ 15:17:17

      I was equally thrilled to read your blog. The insights into the timetable of the Lord, coinciding with the Feasts, was very interesting and something which I have studied, myself, for years. It is very important for us to know who we are and how these ancient Judaic practices, have meaning for all believers.
      I will be a frequent visitor. Thanks for your comments.


  2. Carol Ann Hoel
    Aug 16, 2010 @ 06:26:26

    I love the Song of Solomon, too. God is good. He wants to keep you safe. God deserves to be first in our lives and we are better off when he IS first. I enjoyed your post.


    • flygurlual
      Aug 16, 2010 @ 08:39:12

      Yes, He deserves every part of us and to sit on the throne of our hearts. He paid the ultimate price for me and as much as I had become distracted by the world, He continually protects me and draws me back to Himself. I’m reminded as He speaks, “forget your Father’s house and your people,” that I must give it all up to Him. As I lay it all down, He will lift me up.


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