Soak It Up Already!

Oil, Oil, Oil… Everywhere! It’s a terrible disaster and we are still trying to figure out what to do about this mess.

Yes, everyone has an idea. I came up with my own last night. Those ‘oil blotters’ which women have used for years, to absorb oil on the face. Hey, seems to me if BP, has used things such as hay, and golf balls, This should be a logical choice. Drop those rice papers on the water. I would suggest making them huge!

This would also create a ton of jobs for people in that industry. Tae those poor people who have lost their incomes  in this region and build new industry for them. This would ‘kill two birds with one stone.” Pun intended.

This would provide stability for the whole Gulf region. It sure beats hay. And forget those golf balls!

I also had another idea for plugging up that leak, although it may sound disgusting, it’s always worked for us…A Giant Tampon!!!!

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