I’m An Investor!

To be at His feet

Yes, one of my many titles. I am an investor and very good at it. What? You think because this economy is in the trash, I cannot get returns?

Well, the returns I get for my investments are increased 10 times and more! This is because I invest in the eternal. The souls are the harvest and I am a laborer. Yes, I love what I do because it brings me to the very feet of my Lord. I see grown men cry and little children with all the amazement of heaven on their faces. When I witness the love of Christ to these lost souls, there is no amount of money or material possessions which can compare. The ‘capital gains’ are impossible to estimate.

I don’t have to pay taxes on this and the benefits I reap are incalculable. Yes, from the very highest level of worldly status to the meekest of the earth. I have had a glimpse of their souls and the gift of the Holy Spirit, to know just which ones he is sending me to.

It never ceases to amaze me. Unless you are one of these, laborers, you will never understand the thrill of the harvest and the Lords words to us regarding this enormous responsibility and the most glorious times which we have been blessed to be a part of.

Listen to Jesus words; “Do you not say, “Four months more and then the harvest?” “I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest!”(John 4:35)

The time is right now. But in each of our lives this is true, no matter what age we are living in. When these words were spoken, the disciples believed that Christ’s return would be in their own lifetime, however, the Lord knew that the harvest was not yet full and many things had not yet come to pass. The  time of the Gentiles, as one example.( Luke 21:24) And this, as it came to pass, has been the greatest part of the harvest, thus far. That is, until the Time of Jacobs Troubles, begins. At this time the harvest shall change and it is time for the Jews to be brought back. Oh, it will come to pass, because God has spoken this.

It is interesting to note that Christ did not pray for the harvest. As I said God had already made a plan and the harvest is coming and no man or being can stop it. However, the Lords words were clear and direct, regarding the harvest. He was ‘training the laborers.’

“After this the Lord appointed seventy-two others, and sent them two by two ahead of Him to every town and place where he was about to go. He told them,  “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the Harvest, therefore to send out workers into His harvest field Go! I am sending you out like lambs among wolves.” (Luke 10:1-3) It is interesting to note that the Lord sends the laborers, before Him. This is one of the most important aspect sof our calling. We prepare the way, or coming of the Lord. This is the spirit of John the Baptist and the work surrounding his ministry is the Lord’s calling for us. He told us that the “spirit of John the Baptist,or Elijah, would be prevalent, right before His return, “turning the hearts of the children to their Father, and the Father to His children.”

We can see that the Lord specifically tells us to pray to the Lord of the Harvest, to send workers. We know from His words also that the laborers, are the disciples, which any follower of Christ becomes. We have the Great Commission, and an understanding of our calling. “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation. Whoever believes and is baptised will be saved, but whoever does not believe, will be condemned.” (Mark 16:15)

I recently had a friend tell me she always thought I was so unique. “How so?” I asked her. Well, I have met so many Christians and you’re different. You let your son get his hair cut in a mohawk and you are very nonjudgmental. Well, it made me think of my daughter’s own comments. She has a lip ring and although I don’t like it, she had mentioned that Jesus would be hanging out with her and her friends. I laughed and told her she was absolutely right. He most certainly would have been right there in the middle of all of them. I reminded her, just as I had shared with my friend, that Jesus, had most of His problems with the ‘church people.’ Yes, the Pharisees and the Sadducees, who thought they had arrived. They cornered the market on truth, yet they were so blinded by self-righteousness, they could not recognize that Jesus was “The Truth,” in the flesh. He was constantly pointing out their hypocrisy, and told them quite plainly, their actions kept the very people, whom they were to be witnesses to, out of the kingdom of God. He also spoke of the fact that one could appear clean on the outside, yet this inside was full of corruption. Yet, we all have sin within, so He was quite obviously speaking to the one crucial difference; these men felt they had no need of the Savior.

So the harvest needs to hear the Good News. They only need to recognize their need of Him, this comes through humility and repentance. Our surrender.

Now I reminded my friend, who had prayed with me to receive Christ, that this could have never happened, had I spoke to her about all of her sins. Nor could I begin to witness to anyone else. I had started a ministry to people infected with AIDs, and in this place I came into contact with so many who were suffering as a result of their own bondage to sins. The heart of the Lord is full of compassion, and unless our heart breaks with the same things that break His own, we cannot serve. We must be like Him.

Which tells you how many titles we carry. We are servants, foot-washers, harvesters, laborers, etc. All we need to remember is to stay at His feet. Those feet which walked through the dirt of this earth and were always ready to bring the news of redemption and healing. Those feet which were finally pierced through, for our own dirt. Those feet which descended into the depths of hell, to release those in captivity. Those feet which stood in the room with His disciples, full of awe at His new body which still bore the wounds for all. His feet, which His disciples witnessed ascending to the Father. And all of this, so He could send the Spirit of God to live within us and do what He did. “I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.(John 14:12,13)

Remember, the Lord was only on this earth for 33 years. We have time and wisdom as our ally. All the wisdom and power of Christ, are available to us, as believers. The same power, which resurrected Jesus from the dead, lives in us!

How incredible is this? As I have said, I’ve seen the beauty of brokenness and surrender. I witnessed the power of the Holy Spirits transforming power in peoples’ lives. The true resurrection of the dead. They were dead, yet now they live. They have been born again.

I recently heard a woman speaking about her trip to Israel. “To stand on the spot where my Savior walked,” she commented. I thought, yes, this would be a powerful experience. Yet, the Holy Spirit reminded me; although you find it fascinating, it is much greater to walk as He walked, than to stand where He stood.

Soak It Up Already!

Oil, Oil, Oil… Everywhere! It’s a terrible disaster and we are still trying to figure out what to do about this mess.

Yes, everyone has an idea. I came up with my own last night. Those ‘oil blotters’ which women have used for years, to absorb oil on the face. Hey, seems to me if BP, has used things such as hay, and golf balls, This should be a logical choice. Drop those rice papers on the water. I would suggest making them huge!

This would also create a ton of jobs for people in that industry. Tae those poor people who have lost their incomes  in this region and build new industry for them. This would ‘kill two birds with one stone.” Pun intended.

This would provide stability for the whole Gulf region. It sure beats hay. And forget those golf balls!

I also had another idea for plugging up that leak, although it may sound disgusting, it’s always worked for us…A Giant Tampon!!!!

If I can impress someone,

let it be a lasting impression of my relationship with Christ.

My identity is in Christ

My identity is in Christ

Yes, I have met many people over the years and I haven’t always been walking upright with the Lord.

However, when I first began my journey, I realized that I was to be conformed to His image. And when someone spoke to me about my obvious relationship with Him, I was always so touched. Just the fact that I could honor Him in this way.

I recently found a poem which a man had written for me, right after our meeting each other for the first time. I was so moved by this, especially given the fact that I had started to fall and the Lord’s love brought me back. He had used times of isolation and loneliness, coupled with tremendous suffering, yet I knew He had not forgotten me. I railed against Him at times, and “wrestled with God and with men,” yet I had overcome. Genesis 32:28 Reminding me of my calling and the necessary work of sanctification by the Holy Spirit, I was able to grasp what was happening and be grateful. After all, falling into darkness means separation from God and this is a fate much worse than death itself. “Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather be afraid of the One who can kill both soul and body in hell.” Matt. 10:28

Now the Lord reminded me of my true identity once again. He has called me to be a witness, even to kings. Because of my boldness and refusal to shrink back, he had called me “for such a time as this.”

Each nugget he places in my hand is a message from Him. I see and hear his words to me. As I said, I read this poem written by a friend after many months of online chat and I was blessed in receiving such a description. I tried in vain to locate this person, but alas, we had not been communicating for quite a while, so I will post this and perhaps one day he will get the credit he is due. At least I know he will when the Lord returns.

This is beautiful;

She emerged from the throng of humanity, swirling through the airport; Slicing through those shrouds, a ray of sunshine;                                                          

 My heart leapt. How could it not, at the sight of her image? Her flaxen hair, alabaster skin, “She hast doves’ eyes”                                                                                   She envelopes me with her hug, Her soft embrace. I feel welcome, Safe.

But while “sweet in thy voice.” Sweeter stll is thy message. She speaks of her personal experiences with a God that has “brought her home.”Done for her what she could not do for herself;

She exudes His radiance and love,  none could question His existence, hearing her words.

She then must leave. But while she has departed, she has left  her fingerprints upon my soul.

And for that I am grateful.

Author D.A., Jr.

Yes, I felt this was a love note from God. This man touched my soul as well, with the most beautiful expression of his impression of me. This is all I can ever hope to be.

“I you meet me and forget me, you’ve lost nothing. But if you meet Christ and forget Him, you’ve lost everything.

It’s Better To Have Loved and Lost…

It's Better To Love!Than never to have loved at all. True???? For some, yes. But the real issue is that they haven’t discovered the true meaning of love.

For most it is a physical union and true enough, it involves passion, but it is not the primary focus. Passion should be the product of love. The consummation of the union between two hearts which have already been united.

In scripture the Lord tells us that, “the two become one.” Well it isn’t a physical union which He is referring to. When we have a physical union, we are not one. We depart from each other and it’s perfectly obvious that two beings are not tied together physically, after the act. So the Lord must have been referring to something else.

He is speaking about the union of two souls. Tied together when this act of intimacy takes place. This certainly speaks of a love which is much deeper than any sexual union. It is the reason our Lord told us to “Keep the marriage bed pure.” This act is to be  sacred entitlement for the union God has brought together only. If not, we run the risk of fracturing our souls. Having soul-ties to persons, we have no business being in a relationship with, and it is very difficult to break. Because it is spiritual, and it’s not something you can see, it’s an obvious struggle, when you look at the number of people stuck in bad relationships.

But the Lord created us to love. He had one person in mind, yet we try to find a companion without His guidance, and it causes all kinds of heartache. Not just to the two people involved, but any children inherit the grief as well.

This is the reason He wanted us to wait on His divine guidance. When we are fully mature in the Lord, it is much easier to see what He has planned and who He has for us.

The lesson of Ishmael and Isaac, should make anyone aware of what future grief is born of a union not initiated by the Lord. As the Lord had given Abraham and Sarah the promise of a son, Sarah, doubted. She thought God needed a little help and told Abraham to have a sexual union  with Hagar. This union brought forth a son….but it was not the son promised. Hagar named her son Ishmael.

Of course, just as the Lord promised, Sarah became pregnant. Now after Isaac was born, the trouble began. The son of promise, whom the covenant with Abraham was to inherit, was at odds with his half-brother. Sarah also had much strife with Hagar.

Now she told Abraham to send Ishmael and Hagar away. The Lord told Abraham, “Listen to your wife.” Of course Hagar was distraught and wept bitterly in the wilderness. This is when the angel of the Lord spoke to her and told her “not to weep, for Isaac was the son of promise, yet her son would also be the father of a great nation, although Ishmael and Isaac would always be at war with one another.

Ishmael was indeed, the father of the Arab nations, and Isaac, as we know, was the father of Israel. And now we see everything that is prophesied, as a result of this one little mistake. This is what our lack of trust can creat…misery.

When we bring this home, to our own lives, we can see what our choices void of Christ, will bring. The fruit of an unholy union, is difficult and full of sadness. It leads to captivity and pain.

However, the Lord has given us promises as well. When we walk in His ways. True love, abundance and freedom. It is easy to see the true meaning of love, when Christ is the center of your life. He must be the third cord in the strand that ties two together. Otherwise you are tied by a soul love, which isn’t real or lasting.

Most men want a companion since the Lord said, “it is not good that man should be alone.” But it is also true that most women want a man whom they can submit to. This is also the order of things. God created this type of union in the Garden of Eden. It is birthed in  our hearts. We can search a lifetime and not find that. But our hearts are searching without our even knowing on a conscious level. And when this person is found, it is beautiful. It doesn’t matter if you have anything physical, because you have a spiritual love,which transcends the natural.

How do you know? Well, it is only obvious when you understand the Lord’s description of marriage. A Godly marriage is one which has the man, submitting to Christ. A woman who submits to her husband. The man “lays down his life for his wife, the way Christ has done for the church. The woman submits to her husband. In that order. It is a picture of the perfect union.

Now I’ve had relationships with men in my life and never experienced this. Of course, I didn’t have the wisdom of God when I  entered into these unions. But even lacking His wisdom, I knew, this can’t be what this is all about. Selfishness and manipulation, a need to control and abusive power. No one whom I would ever have the desire to submit to.It’s no wonder that the world has turned that word into something extremely negative or obscene.

But now I am beginning to understand and I can say my heart has finally seen a picture of this type of person. I am blessed that the Lord has given me a vision of this truth. One whom I can say is the embodiment of Him. No, a union has not taken place. Yet having  given up all hope of this mythical person, I’m satisfied in knowing he does exist. And finding this love has satisfied my heart and gives proof, that I have loved but I have not lost.

Don’t Back Down!!!

Here we go again…Israel trying to defend its port from any threat’s and they are portrayed as the bad guys. I saw the videos as well. The Israeli’s coming on board to be met with knives and rods. Beating them, and they finally called to ask permission to use firearms. This is always the slant when we hear reports, against Israel. Now why in the world would they suspect anyone of being deceptive enough to bring arms into Gaza? Those nice terrorists, oops, I mean civilians. Come on! It’s not as if they haven’t been engaged in war all along.

They have been under repeated attacks and when they try to defend their position, they are viewed as the ultimate murdering machines. It’s clear that Netanyahu issued a dire warning years ago, “They are terrorists, and there is no negotiating with terrorists.”

Has everyone forgotten 9/11? Would you suggest we negotiate peace with these people, who have no desire, whatsoever, for peace? They whole central doctrine of their faith is to murder the infidels.

We had only a small taste of what Israel has been living with forever. But once again, it is not on our soil, so it would be easy to see a small piece of the puzzle and buy into the propaganda. This isn’t the first time that the press has maligned Israel either.

You will see that this is the Sword which divides, in the end. God Himself has a covenant with Israel, and just the fact that they still exist, should attest to this. They have been outnumbered on many occasions, and yet they continue to rise. And they will, because the Lord has formed an ancient covenant, and He cannot deny Himself.

Someone had posted a comment a while back, that Israel and my support of her, is some kind of a pet project. This person claimed to be a believer, however this would put the whole Bible in question. And that is virtually denying God’s word. The Lord spoke to the disciples when they asked about His return, and His words were very clear. Right after telling them that, “no one knows the day or the hour, He vehemently reminded them that “they should be aware, of the signs of the times. He began His list, and the first thing He spoke of, was Israel!

There’s no way of being a follower of the Savior and denying the plan evolves around Israel. “He came first,to the nation of Israel. Then, thank God, the plan of salvation was available to all men.

However, there will be a time of decision and every one who loves God, must also love and support Israel. Don’t turn your back on her, and align yourselves with the critics. Or you may have forgotten also, that “in the end, every nation, will come against Israel, to try and destroy her.
This is the Battle of Armageddon. Read about it in Revelation. It is a stark reminder to all of us. He will return Himself, on that day, to save her from her enemies.

 The Lord loves us, and His words regarding Israel, are very stern, “Whoever, blesses you, I will bless, and whoever curses you will be cursed.”

Baruch Ha Ba, Ba Shem Adonai!!!!!!