Shouldn’t We Share What Has Been Given So Freely To Us?

I watched a movie tonight with Will Smith called, 7 Pounds and it  depicted the selfless act of giving until the very end. Without giving away the plot, I would simply say, it is what the Lord has done for us and when I asked Him to “take my world apart,” I never really understood that commitment I made was such a double-edged sword. To give my life to Him is truly to lose it; and to lose it would be to find it.

Consider these scriptures when you think it to be a contradiction. If you think you don’t understand it may be something you pray about since He says plainly in scripture that ,” For even if our gospel is veiled, it is veiled to those who are perishing for the god of this age(Satan) blinds the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God(2 Corinthians 4:3-4

Now I remember as a little girl having a sense of God and all through my life having encounters with him and my regeneration experience as a young adult. It is not until the experience of suffering that I truly had the understanding of what it means to being persecuted for His name. That is what warfare is all about. We are constantly in battle against the forces that are opposed to God.

We are called to take a stand and share what has been so freely given to us and we will always be at odds with someone as a result. This is why Paul was persecuted. But that is also why he said, “We are hard-pressed on every side but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed. We always carry around in our body the death of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be revealed in our body. For we who are alive are always being given over to death for Jesus sake so that his life may be revealed in our mortal body. (2Cor.4:8-11)

It is a fascinating dynamic taking place and the Lord told us that this resurrection power was resident in us. The same power that raised Jesus from the dead, the Holy Spirit, lives in us. Yes, and the more we suffer for His sake, the more hard-pressed we become, the more we will see this faith and anointing grow. As I have shared in the past,the pressing of the olives is what produces the oil and that is what is symbolic of the anointing all through scripture. This pure oil is very precious and requires a tremendous amount of pressure to produce just the smallest amount. If this is what you have prayed for as a follower of Christ, He has already spoken;

“And Jesus said to them, “Can you drink the cup I am going to drink?” “We can,” they answered. Jesus said to them, “You will indeed drink from my cup, but my right or my left is not for me to grant. These places belong to those for whom they have been prepared by my Father.”

Now of course Jesus knew something the disciples did not. That the disciples were all going to die in a gruesome manner. All except John. Who went on to write the Book of Revelation. So to give pretty strong evidence beside eye-witness accounts of the testimony of Jesus, these guys weren’t going to be killed for some story that the made up and if you ever want to see how each one was killed, read about it in Foxes Book of Martyrs, for one interesting book. There are others. Peter it is noted,you remember,the one who denied Christ three times, being so cowardly, now after seeing Him in His resurrected body and after experiencing the Pentecost and watching His Ascension, was not willing to be killed in the same fashion as the Lord. He told them he was not worthy so to turn him upside down. Well, talk about a changed man!

Yes, I guess people are always looking for a sign. Well, we have them all around us if you just ask, seek, knock. The Lord tells us to seek Him while He may be found.

For those of us that have suffered. Well, His hand was upon us for a reason. To bring us back to our senses. To increase our faith. To remind others of His love. This is a time that we are to touch the world for Him. So many are in the clutches of the enemy and since we know that Satan cannot cast out Satan, believers need to make their stand! Stand up and be counted! The time is now.

To Be Chosen

To be chosen and set apart. “Sanctification; Who have been chosen according to the foreknowledge of God the Father through the sanctifying work of the Spirit for obedience to Jesus Christ and sprinkling by His blood: Grace and peace be yours in abundance.” 1 Peter 1:2

Now isn’t that great? I was just joking with a friend of mine about my great-uncle the other day. He had been part of the US Treasury Dept and chosen for the Untouchables group called with Elliot Ness to track down Dillinger. Unfortunately a lot of those guys didn’t get the credit, but his eye took a bullet by him and he had to wear a glass eye the rest of his life. I heard that story from my mom and my aunts and my Aunt Dorothy told me he loved to pull a cigar box out with a bunch of different colored eyes out so they could pick one for him to wear. haha! What impressed me, was that to pick these guys, they had to go through enough men to find people who couldn’t be bought. Well I think today, that would almost be impossible. But it’s nice to know that integrity is up line.

God speaks in this scripture of the foreknowledge and His sanctifying work by His spirit. Many people come to Christ and think that’s it. But the work has just begun. The fruit of our lives must be a progression of sanctification. A separation from the world.

The world is in direction opposition to God and His ways. In scripture the regeneration and the sanctification process is not pictured as a slow process but a clean break  from the bondage of Satan’s hold on a person and a turning away from the things that ensnare. As we continue to put to death the misdeeds of the flesh we become stronger to all the things that ensnare us and walk in victory over sin. It is at this point that we become more sanctified and increase in our anointing.

Believe me, this is something that the enemy has great fear of. To be chosen, sanctified and anointed! It’s all the power of the kingdom resident in a believer…it is the church!!

The Anointing Breaks the Yoke

I was at a bowling alley the other day when I dropped my brother off and decided to stay in the car. I had a touch of the flu and decided to remain in the car so I wouldn’t spread the germs.

As I put my seat back I listened to a teaching tape I had and realized the players battery was dead so I tried to close my eyes and rest. About an hour later I was listening to a loud whining in the parking lot and it sound like a werewolf howling. This was horrible.

I looked behind me and there was one of the vans that picks up a group home and it looked like the passengers were inside, but one person was lying on the ground and the two female caregivers were trying to pull her up by the arms. This was terrible, I thought. Did she fall? Was she having a tantrum? I got out of my car and wandered over, first to look in on my brother and see what frame he was on. He still had a long way to go. At this point one of the male caregivers for this particular group home was sauntering past, seemingly oblivious to the whole scene. Now one of the women, was on the phone with a coordinator, as the other woman was trying to bribe her with ice cream. This woman was about 200 pounds and there was no way they could lift her into this van. I asked her, “Does she do this a lot?” “Yes, she’s done it a few times and we aren’t going to bring her anymore!” Half saying it to me, and half saying it to her. And now she’s saying, “And she wants to get a job too and I don’t see her being able to do that!” At this point she tries to give her the ice cream again and the whole scene is very sad as her head is on the ground and she’s crying very hard like a little baby and rocking back and forth as if something has control of her. Now the man comes up and tries to give her a $1 to get into the van.

It was right then that I heard the voice speak to me. I walked up to her and put my hand on her forehead as she stared straight ahead and said, very quietly I spoke, “release her right now in the name of Jesus, Diane get into the van,” and she got up and walked into the van.

The woman holding her looked at me and said,” what did you do?” lol The fact is, I didn’t do anything. The Lord did. It is His anointing in me. He just wants me to be the vessel and take a step of faith. Speak the word. Now the proof is that this woman is mentally challenged and had no idea that she was being used by a spirit. She didn’t argue her faith or existence of demons, which any so, called rational person would do This is why deliverance for her was swift and apparent. She was crying out for help. It is sad. How many believers are running around and have no idea what power they have available to them and refuse to use it. Why? Are they embarrassed of the name?When you pray deliverance, you don’t have to scream and shout like a faith healer trying to attract attention. Jesus Christ was never trying to attract attention to Himself and He didn’t need to. The kingdom of God does not exist of words but of Power! But the only way anyone will experience this is when take the step in faith.

Jesus Christ told us that if we are ashamed of him, that He will be ashamed of us before His Father in heaven. He came to set the captives free,and He gave us that same power and authority before He left this earth. Man, I’m going to use it, with whatever time I have left.

Of course I know, not everyone has an evil spirit, but if I have the discernment of the Holy Spirit speaking to me, and the anointing in me, it’s going. When that woman asked me what I did, I said, “next time…pray first.”

To Sit At His Feet

Jesus comes to hang out at the house of Mary and Martha.

How many times have you had fellowship with others and someone gets rattled because they feel they are doing more than someone else? Why? Or how many people do you know that try to impress you with their works? I am around people like this all the time. It’s very annoying. There are some people who I know that are involved in church works and seem to make it a constant effort to inform me of their latest achievement, as if I am God, and I am constantly perplexed by this whole thing. It happens with every encounter. I don’t inform them, every time I pray with someone, or witness to a person of the Lords love which should be our lifestyle in action, but it seems that this is what these people do for a living. They take people to church and tell me about it, as if I am the scorekeeper.

Now Martha was busy cleaning while Jesus was visiting and Mary knew this was a moment that could be captured or lost eternally. She chose to sit at His feet and listen to every word that came from his mouth. The very mouth of God. Who would want to do works of the flesh when you could listen to God speak? But this is exactly what was happening at that moment and the reason for Martha’s irritation with Mary. But Jesus spoke and broke the spell over Martha.” As Martha was worried and upset in all her preparations and it states that she was distracted from what was important, meaning the presence of the Lord, she actually told Jesus to address Mary’s refusal to help her.”Lord, don’t you care that my sister has left me to do the work by myself? Tell her to help me!”

It was at this point that Jesus responded “Martha, Martha, you are worried and upset about many things, but only one thing is needed Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.(Luke 10:38-41)

When I was a young girl, I would go to visit my father and I didn’t know why I would always do this, but I would crouch beside his chair. He would watch his tv shows and people would come and go into his home and I felt a sense of protection in that place. I knew he was my father even though he didn’t live with me any longer, but this was a place  of comfort and security for me. To go into his kitchen and busy myself would have been awkward, although I did help, I would rather have chosen to be at his side. It was time that I would have never been able to recover, as I later found was cut very short and as the Lord was also trying to convey in His own short life, of 33 years, every minute on this earth and every word spoken would hold extreme eternal value, as we can see even now. And this is why He spoke this to Martha, “Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken from her.” He knew every minute counted. He knew the dirty dishes did not. He knew to face the cross, that the floors would still be dirty. The churches will fold and church leaders would still be corrupted by wealth, but the true church would be unfolding the day He resurrected and nothing could stop it! He was trying to tell Martha that all faith, based on works…is dead.

 This is why, Mary’s choice,  was the better choice. She was feeding her spirit, not her flesh.”For man does not live by bread alone, but by every WORD that proceeds from the MOUTH of GOD!.”  She was hearing the voice of the Savior!

No Time

This is what the Lord keeps speaking to me. Don’t waste your time on those who refuse to hear your message and turn from their ways. It was not meant for their ears.

“Who has believed our message and to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed?  He grew up before him like a tender shoot out of dry ground  He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to Him, nothing in His appearance that we should desire Him.”

You see the message was always hidden, for that reason. The Lord wanted us to seek Him earnestly. He didn’t come in wearing priestly garments with flashy clothes and jewelry. Be careful!

However, the enemy is described as very beautiful. He was the “bright and shining one” The “one who appears as an angel of light” Yes, that’s right, more than likely He will be sitting right next to you at church folding his/her hands with bible and praying earnestly for the needs of others, and oh so righteous, while tearing apart that terrible person that doesn’t come to church cause they are just such a sinner.He will detail the facets of their lives that make them unworthy, forgetting, of course his own shortcomings. They surround themselves with companions who will cover for each other and have thereby managed to deceive themselves. No one will speak the truth in love, lest they offend another. Yes, true conviction means that one doesn’t need to even speak, the Holy Spirit brings the word to a person and shows them. I’ve had new believers come to me and tell me, “”look the Lord showed me this in my life and its sin, I just can’t do this. That before I even mentioned a word. So if you are a person that has been claims to be a believer, and you have obvious sin in your life, you may want to question this. There simply must be a regeneration(born again) experience to qualify this. “Behold the old has passed away, all things have become new!” Otherwise you’re just playing church and it’s just a dead ritual and God will not be mocked. No one wants to follow that.

Each day is a new day and His mercies are new every morning. I  ask the Lord to help me check my spirit. I don’t want to be guilty of this. I have always had a heart for the lost and felt most comfortable outside the walls of these places. This is what the Lord reminds me of. That this is where His heart is also. And as long as I keep my focus, I will keep my heart soft. I’m reminded of the story in scripture when the Pharisee was praying in the temple and thanking God that he was “not like that heathen over there, as he looked with contempt at the man praying a short distance away from him.” Of course, the Pharisee was all decked out and this man was a sinner, in his eyes, since he was a teacher of the law, he felt he was just unable to compare. Oh, how Satan deceives us.

I cannot reiterate this enough, the true church exists outside of a building. It is hidden in the body of true believers and cannot be torn apart. It comes in th form of obedience to His word. Nothing can stand against it. The gates of hell shall not prevail against the true church of Jesus Christ!

Although they try the false church tries to understand, but they cannot. They haven’t been regenerated, as I stated earlier. The rail against what they do not understand, and try to hurt the messenger. The Lord tells us not to cast our pearls before swine, because the absence of the Holy Spirit inside, gives them an anger and no conviction of sin. This is why we pray. Only the Lord knows who will receive Him and who will not.

There is a battle raging in these last days and the true church is taking a stand. What is false will fall. Only Gods Word will remain. He is the root that springs out of dry ground!!!! And his Word is the Water that is needed to make it grow!

Regeneration: to be Born Again

Yes this is what Nicodemus was so perplexed about as he was a teacher of the laws that he had studied for so many years and when Jesus came along and threw all the natural and super- natural laws into chaos, he knew this was no ordinary man. He snuck into the night to meet him. Being somewhat of a coward, but just having a need to meet with Him, and that is exactly what  takes place in all of our lives in order  to meet the Saviour, he asked the pivotal question, “what must I do to enter the kingdom of God?” “I tell you the truth, a man must be born again,” Jesus answered, just as simple as that.

And as natural minded as he was, Nicodemus answered, “how can a man enter his mother’s womb a second time?” “That which is flesh is flesh, but that which is Spirit is Spirit.” Now of course, Jesus was speaking of the Holy Spirit and the regeneration. An experience that takes place with a confession of faith that cannot happen in a religious experience, which is based on a person trying to work out their salvation by covering up their discretion by works, which is a useless exercise. Dead ritual, which the Lord referred to when He spoke to the Pharisees many times. He hated these attempts of hypocrisy because they lead so many others astray. “White washed tombs filled with dead mens bones.”

The real experience is evident because it will show the new life. “Behold the old life has passed away and the new life has come! ” How many have entered into the baptismal water only to walk right back into their same life? It’s ridiculous. This is not what the Lord has asked from them. The Lord wants their whole life. This is what others want to see. Then they try to use other people as the example. The reason for this is they haven’t been sold out. They’re still holding on to self. We can’t hold on to self and be born again. The Lord expects us to give it all.

Paul said, “imitate me as I imitate Christ.” We are to be the epistles being read. It is our lives that our followers are reading. We will be the example that others are  to follow. Pray with them to receive Christ. You don’t need  a pastor to do this. We have been given all authority, that’s right, in heaven and on earth. Our Lord gave us this power when He left this earth, which means, we are ordained. Yes, give them the drink of water that they are longing for . The spiritual drink that every person needs Then they shall never thirst again!!!

The Apostate Church

What is it? Well we’re living in the times  of darkness and we need to be on our guard. People do not even realize what’s happening. Megachurches cropping up all over and pastors tickling the ears of the members, afraid of losing the tithes. The danger of losing all the money supporting the growth and this is exactly what the Lord speaks about when He speaks to the churches in Revelation. The works instead of the real love for Him. The appearance instead of the service and the wealth instead of the regeneration.

Jezebel, alive and well in the church and the church leaders that tolerate her fornications inside the church all because she is bringing in people who bring more money and growth.  This spirit will be leading in ministries and teaching as well. This is the apostacy and  it has no regeneration in a person at all. It’s obvious because she hasn’t changed one bit. She expects the Lord to come along to her way of thinking. Of course we know that Gods word does not change,He calls sin, sin, and now it has been brought into the church, in the name of the Lord and the church leaders have turned a blind eye and even set people into ministry ignoring these sins. It is one thing to do these things in the world, but now to be brought into the church, the Lord is burning in His anger. He knows Jezebel and she hides in her relgious works, thinking she cannot be seen. But she hates the prophets of God and this is why she enters the church The Lord will only deal with her for so long before He moves His hand of judgement.

Because of this He speaks in Revelation, that she shall be cast upon a bed of suffering, and all who fornicate with her, shall also suffer with her. It is amazing to me, that she does not see it, yet when we are in the midst of our sin, and refuse to heed the voice of the Lord, our hearts become hardened. It is only when we refuse to repent, that we are allowed to suffer. And in Revelation, He tells us that He has allowed Jezebel more than enough time to repent and she refuses. So it’s apparent that He is speaking to the apostates in this portion of scripture. Those with the most hardened of hearts.

We are living in those times. I see it in a most personal way in my life. With people who I know and in the churches as well. They think they are rich, yet they are poor. They say they must clean themselves of the most silly things, yet the most obvious sins against the Lord, go unchecked, as if He turns a blind eye, because they are so busy in the church, and He is so pleased with their works for Him. I say it again. The Lord does not need our works! He did it all at the cross! Anything more is our proclamation to Him that He didn’t do enough and that is blasphemy. When He said, “it is finished, He meant it.

We have the privilege of being part of the process, but that’s all it is. He allows us as part of His creation, to be co-heirs with Him. But to assume that He needs our help is just plain ludicrous, and Satan, is always busy, trying to fill, mans heads with these lies, when we aren’t yet regenerated by the Holy Spirit. This is why the Lord tells us to be “filled by the Spirit of God, and keep the house swept clean, so that these unclean spirits, cannot enter in.” These are spirits of religion, that seek to keep us bound up in doing empty works. They will not get us into the kingdom of God. They are worthless. Only the blood of Christ have paved the way for us. Now accept it. It’s free. And stay filled with His Spirit and stay humble knowing we can’t earn anything.

Be obedient unto Him and Him only. If it doesn’t line up with His word, reject it. Don’t try to make His word line up to your lifestyle. Make your life line up to His word. As His spirit lives in you, you will overcome. This is His power living in you. Read it and live it. This is how they will know you are sons of God. You will be filled with His love.

Always remember the narrow way. The lesser part. The remnant.Many are called…few are chosen.

Being a mother at 5


I try to search for answers. I am amazed and sad at the same time.

My mother, who started out with trauma as a young woman, has never experienced anything else in her life.
Losing her son when he was just a baby and divorcing at the same time. Having six other children to deal with and another two that were mentally challenged with cerebral palsy. This was caused from birth complications.
The culmination of these events put her into a hospital and I, being the oldest capable child, inherited the position of mother.
My mother has had more trauma since then, and we have all learned to be resilient, since it wasn’t just her grief, but our own that we had to bear.
My sister reminded me of how childlike my mother is and totally dependent on us. Although she will never say that…it is a fact.
My sister also reminded me that “although three of us, raised mom, we didn’t do a very good job!” lol I thought that hilarious, but the reality is that it’s true.
I know this, yet seem unable to see others as manipulating me. Although I can see it being done to them and it makes me angry. I don’t feel this sense of anger when someone does it to me.
Does that seem odd? I know if I was watching someone else enduring all that I have endured, I would say, “why doesn’t she do something about that? It’s obvious that they are taking advantage of her kindness? Yet, I am always reminded that the word, “co-dependent” is not found in the bible.
So, this is how I have learned to live. Is it a bad thing? I don’t know. I always ask the Lord to show me
An example of a situation in my life. I shared that a few months ago, I helped my mom pack boxes and get her apartment ready for a move. She was dead set on moving to another state, even though I didn’t feel good about the whole situation. I ended up being stuck in Milwaukee because of a snowstorm and I felt this was the Lord showing me that I could help my mother.
I could see that she was in a lot of pain and she complained of her leg hurting her. I asked if she was going to the doctor and she assured me that as soon as she arrived at her destination, she would have an appointment.
Of course the people who were supposed to show up and help her move did not show up. My brother and cousin and I did all the work.
I was so upset about this whole move, that I cried. My mom seemed so frail and I would massage her legs for her and try to care for her so she’d be comfortable All this in addition to her name-calling. Yes, she’s very argumentative and will come out with names such as “stupid,” all the time. It’s something I’ve been accustomed to. She had a slew of names for me as I was growing up. and she never notices the hurt. Although at one point when she stated, “I would have rather had all boys than any girls” I think she saw the hurt on my face.
I just chalk this up to her problems she’s had since we were children. I realize I can’t become a boy and more than she can stop saying these things.
So, the other day, to receive a phone call from her, was rare. What was even more rare is that she was saying she absolutely could not stand the pain she was in, and she needed help. She also stated that she no longer wanted to live in this state that she so recently moved to.
I asked why, my sister had not taken her to the doctor and she told me that she didn’t have insurance. I had to tell her, “you do have insurance with your Medicare, and besides, I don’t care if you do or not, you need to get to the doctor!” I realized that it just wasn’t happening unless I made an appointment for her.
I Googled the offices in her area and made the call. I made the appointment and was told I had to get her to sign a medical release and fax it to her other doctor in Wisconsin. All the time while I’m wondering, why hasn’t this been taken care of already?
When I made my repeated phone calls back to her, she kept stating, “I’m ready to move! I can’t stand this anymore!” I reminded her that she had always been welcome to live with me and I had thought it the better choice since I’m in Florida. But she had been here years ago and didn’t want to stay. I suspect it was because my nephew, whom she had raised, was living in Wisconsin.
I told her, “Mom, you can have the guest room or I can even convert the family room, if you can’t go up and down the stairs.” “You can? What about the furniture?” “Listen, furniture is nothing, I’ll just sell it or move it.”
Then she asked about her things. I honestly wouldn’t have moved anything from that apartment she lived in, but it seemed every piece of junk meant something to her. She also seems to think that furniture has some hidden value. I had to tell her, “Mom, there is no way, I’m going to rent a truck and move all that, if you decide to come. You just need to go through your sentimental items and we can ship them. But furniture isn’t worth the price you pay to move it.” (Especially hers)
She seemed to understand and agree….that is-until the following day.
Yes, this is the bi-polar mom kicking in. I call her the next day and she tells me, “You know, I’ve been thinking, I am not leaving any of my stuff here!” “Mom, I told you I’d help you move, but there is no way, I’m doing that with a truck. You just did that and it wasn’t worth moving that stuff once, let alone twice!”
“Also, ” she goes on, I’m not living with anyone. I want my own apartment.” “Ok, mom, this just isn’t going to work. There are community buses in the area that come right to the house and will take you anywhere you want to go.” “Oh, you mean for old people?” “Oh, my gosh, mom! They are for anyone, especially if a person can’t get around! Stop being so critical!”
“I’m not being critical, but I can get around!” “What? Are you now telling me that your leg is better?” “Yes, it’s feeling better,” she tells me. well, why don’t I just cancel that doctor’s appointment I made for you?” Now she backs down. “Well, I don’t always expect it to feel like this!” When I was visiting her, she could barely walk from the living room to the bathroom and my sister told me that she advised her to use a shopping cart to steady her weight, since what she really needs is a cane, but heaven forbid! That’s for old people! And hey, 80 is still quite young. Perhaps middle age. I’m sure 160 is the average lifespan for a person.
So, now I have her dictating to me, what and how she’s going to move and where she’s going to live. She starts arguing with me and I have to remind hr that I am taking care of my special needs brother and her two grandchildren as well. I brought my brother to live with me because I didn’t feel he was getting the best care in the place he was in, yet this is my mom’s first-born son, and she doesn’t seem to think about this. I know there is a lot of denial she’s living with, but once again, the hurt lands on me. And once again, I tell myself, she doesn’t know what she’s saying. Don’t take it personally.
Yes, if anyone has parents like this, you know how difficult it is. I didn’t grow up in a home where my mother lavished affection on me or praised me for any accomplishments. I had to fight against all the odds of listening to her prophesies of failure over me. The hurt and pain of dealing with a mother who needs our help, yet never acknowledges what we do for her. Instead, with one demand that is unmet, she will criticize.
I know she’s like a child and it’s her own hurt that causes her to hurt others. But as a child, we don’t really process this understanding of personalities. Now as an adult, I realize how serious a role, we play in our children’s lives. It has been my only desire to see her comfortable in these years of her life and she almost seems to gravitate to misery. Perhaps this I will never understand.
My prayer is that I will not become like this and will always acknowledge my children for their strengths, not their weakness. This is the fertile soil that allows self-confidence to grow.
I am of the belief that her mother treated her this way, and I do not wish to repeat this cycle.
I love her in spite of all of her shortcomings and my prayer is that one day she will be healed of her emotional pains as well as her physical.

Our Hearts Cry Out To You Lord!

Thy Will Be Done

“Snowmaggedon,” “earthquake in Northern Illinois,” all headlines of this morning’s news.

Wow, if a person didn’t know any better, they might take these warnings seriously. Well, if a person was in Gods Word, he would take this seriously. But sadly, the warnings are left largely unheeded. These are small wakeup calls for the world. God loves us and is trying to call us back from disaster. A people that have largely ignored Him and tried to replace Him with mute gods which cannot save. He has mourned for us, His children, yet we go about our daily lives believing what we are is a direct result of our own greatness. Yes, the clay has formed itself. This is just how preposterous we are as a people. We just exploded into being and everything miraculously came together to exist! Isn’t it all so wonderful and ridiculous?

My son is 11, and when he hears this Big Bang Theory, laughs. It is just as silly to him as it should be to any logical thinking person. This is just an effort to nullify Gods existence. And now when the matter, that created itself, starts to fly, man runs for cover, crying out, “Oh God, who does not exist….Save us!”

Yes, people hear what they want to hear. They may even give God a cursory nod, yet, they don’t want to hear anything that doesn’t line up with their own desires.

Prayer, the powerful force which God has given to us, is used mostly by people as a means to make God do our bidding. We use it as “MY will be done!”

I had a friend who was full of grief that her husband was in Egypt on a work assignment. She just knew that he was having an affair. She had two young boys at home and suspected her husband was being unfaithful and she asked me what I thought she should do. She wanted to fly to Egypt and confront him. Well, I’m certainly not going to be responsible for this decision, so I told her, “You need to pray about that. I will pray as well. The Lord will most certainly give you an answer.”

She had no relationship to speak of, with the Lord, but I was trusting that He would make Himself known to her, through this request. He had proven Himself in this same manner, in my own life, when I offered up the simple prayer, “God, if you’re real, you will make sure I’m with my brother when he dies.” There was no denying, at the final consummation of this request, that He indeed, does exist and longs to reveal Himself to those, “who diligently seek Him.”

Well, as is usually the case, we seek Him when we are in dire circumstances. It does not matter to Him, and is the reason that we are allowed to experience these things in the first place.

As, my girlfriend and I parted ways. I was faithful to pray for her that evening and ask God to reveal His will for her regarding her situation. I awoke to my phone ringing at 8am and she was frantic. “Have you seen the news?!” “No,” I answered. Still rubbing the sleep from my eyes and trying to brew some coffee just to engage in this conversation.

“Oh my gosh! Turn on your tv! There has just been a major earthquake in Cairo!!” She said. “Well then, I guess the Lord is showing you His will, since it’s apparent you cannot even fly in there right now.” “Yes, she concluded. I’ve been trying to reach Jim and cannot even get through on a phone line.” Now this was in the early 90’s and cell phones were not used often.

I spoke with her for a while longer about Gods desire for her and I was positive that He was giving her a sure sign as an answer to prayers. This is why I was shocked to learn that a few weeks later, she decided to board a plane anyway, and make the trip to an earthquake ravaged country. But what she told me next make me laugh, in spite of its seriousness.

“Listen,” she said. “I decided to go to Cairo after I thought things seemed to settle down.” “What?! Can’t you hear God, even when He shows you something this obvious?” “Well, I just had to know if he was cheating on me! So I boarded a plane and when we were halfway there, we got a call from the cockpit that our plane was being hijacked!” “Oh, my gosh! You have got to be kidding!” “Nope, as soon as it happened all I could think of is, I should have listened to God!”

Well, she told me that they ended up landing and arresting the guy, yet her mother was frantic as she’d seen it on the news. I just had to ask, “Did God really have to dump the whole load of bricks on your head? I mean I don’t see dramatic answers that often, but the first warning should have been more than enough.”

It certainly made me think of the story of the person standing on their roof in a flood and the passing boat and helicopter that was trying to rescue, was ushered aside, so the person could “hear from the Lord, only to have the Lord tell them when they died, “Hey, I sent a boat and a helicopter! What else did you want me to do?”

This friend epitomized that story, and yes, what she suspected had indeed taken place. The outcome was pain and heartache and eventually a split. Yet, what did the knowledge do, that time may not have done? Only God knows. This is why we leaving the planning to Him. He alone knows the hearts of men and He can also change them.

We simply lift our needs to Him, and accept the answer that He gives. He knows all things and sees the picture from above our circumstances. So in spite of what we see happening in our world, we have the creator of the universe, as our Father, and He desires our intercession. He will move His hands with our pleas before Him. So when we walk through this “Valley of the Shadow of Death, We shall fear NO evil. For He is with us!” We need only remember, it is only the shadow. Therefore, it is not death! So cry out to Him and He will listen.

Waiting for the “holy war?” I have news for you…

We’re in it! Yes, if any of you don’t realize what has been stated about this war, it’s really very simple. Well, the war isn’t simple, but the recognizable facts are very easy to detect.

The warfare scriptures; “Ephesians 6,” are clearly pointing out to any believer, that once we’ve accepted the life Christ has given us and the sacrifice He made to offer this life was by His own blood; well, it’s a fact that we too are now signing up for battle. Yes the enemy hates us By us, I mean, Gods creation. He is a created being, but his fall from grace has exempted him from any avenue to eternity, so Satans plans are to take us out as well.

It’s not difficult for Satan to use the “deceitfulness of wealth, lust of the material, to accomplish his mission Most people never realize they’re in the spiders web, until it’s too late. WAKE UP PEOPLE! The Lord is coming soon!

Now, I am engaged in warfare at the highest level, although most wouldn’t even know this That is because human beings, being just that, human, rarely understand the spiritual. You must draw very close to the Lord, to hear His voice. This means to let go of what is natural. The more we release those natural things, the more we draw close to Him. It is so important in these days, that we are in constant communication with the Lord. If you’re not hearing His voice, check your life. What is number one? He has told us how to enter into His presence, and it is “by seeking after Him and His righteousness. Then all of these other things shall be added unto us.”

The reality of this is, once we have truly tasted of His presence, nothing else really is important. There is no material thing that can offethe same joy and satisfaction. It all seems empty after this experience.

We are here on this earth for a reason. It’s not to become wealthy and have recognition from man. It is to glorify our Father. He desires relationship with us, as He established in the Garden of Eden. Because the enemy of our souls had broken this, we are engaged in constant warfare with him, until the day the Lord returns for us. I war not just for myself, but for those who “have been blinded by the enemy, so they cannot see the truth. They have been taken captive by him, in order to do his will.” Yes people have a will of their own, but they can continue to open the door to these dark spirits and because their will is choosing this, “The Lord will turn them over, to their reprobate minds.”

So this is where I come in. I, and a host of intercessors. We constantly battle the enemy to “set the captives free.” Knowing the end of the story is motivating to any believer in Christ. He said, “it is finished,” long before any of us know the end of days. But of that we can be sure. He has redeemed us at the cross and our priviledge is to make this known to those who are in this prison without hope.

“The spirit and the bride say, Come Lord Jesus!”