The Natural Man vs The Spiritual Man


The Word of God tells us that we have two kinds of people in this world. The “natural or “psychikos,” or the spiritual man/woman(pnueumatikos)which is the person which has been regenerated by the power of the Holy Spirit and lives by the Spirit of God.

We also know that the Bible refers to the world and everything in it under Satans control. He is called the “god of this world.” The Christian is to overcome by the power of the Holy spirit by denying the temptations of this world and wage war against this world and thereby yielding ourselves to the voice of the Holy Spirit and His call to become sanctified.

I have always had experiences in my life that I would call, ‘different.’ I would not even share some of these things, as I know that most people could not even relate to these things as they are of a natural mind. The Lord spoke of these people as “natural men and said “that this is  foolishness to men who do not have the Spirit of God.”

I observe things on a daily basis and take note of these things as I ponder them, and I jot them down. I have always kept a journal and wondered why most people do not notice the details that I notice, yet, I know when I read the word of God, it is because, as Paul says, only some observe as they are growing in faith.Throughout the book of  Revelation the Lord speaks, “Let the one  that has an ear, hear what the Spirit is speaking.” And also “There will come a time when my people will worship me in Spirit and in truth.”

I love this scripture. This indicates that the more the natural man lets go of the things of this world and all of its trappings, the more he will experience God.

The Lord seemed to show us this in His own example as He went off all alone and He also fasted from everything. This was when Satan came to him in the desert and the first temptation was of course…food. The natural mans prime need. How many natural men would fail that test? But to know that God has a mission for us. A reason and a much higher calling, than feeding our bodies. Or to accomplish that business deal. Yes, this the very highest calling of all. Our eternal goal that He has in store for us. Our spiritual race that we are running. And it is the marathon.

Now, I have a Concordance that I study. And every person should study, “to show themselves approved of God.”

I have a New International  Full Life Study Bible, because I love the articles in this bible. I quote most of them and cannot live without this. It has helped me with most of my studies.

When people state that the bible was written by men, I laugh. Then they have never read the bible. The bible was written by men, of course, “as inspired, by the Holy Spirit.” When the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered they were the complete works of Isaiah in entirety and as I’ve seen many times the archaeological records to prove the historical accuracy of the bible is enough but for someone that doesn’t have faith,there can never be enough proof, yet for someone that does have faith,proof  is not necessary.

If you say you believe in God, then you must believe that He is powerful enough to be the perfect editor of His own words to  His creation.

According to scripture, all government, education, business, etc. are ruled by the the the natural ruling spirits of this world and are opposed to the Spirit of God. They have a different belief system as we know from our understanding from God’s word.The Lord tells us plainly “not to cast our pearls before swine to be trampled underfoot.” I am inclined, at times to share some of my observations from the Spirit, and am reminded, that this is going to be perceived as foolish, this is why He tells us this.

This is why we pray, “His kingdom come, His will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” He wants every mans eyes to be opened.

This is my prayer and I pray that the “natural man” also turns and becomes part of the final harvest as well.

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  1. Kilauea Poetry
    Oct 21, 2009 @ 16:25:26

    Clarification in regard to Catholicism..your scratching your head? Ya, I have but will probably post many aspects of the way it shaped me-


  2. Kilauea Poetry
    Oct 21, 2009 @ 16:23:27

    Thanks for sharing this and filling in some of the blanks. I intend to post my grown up reflections on how Catholicism effected me. I also did some rambling in my commet section on that last poem (it could of been a post) fun..if you have time..have a great day-


  3. Kilauea Poetry
    Oct 20, 2009 @ 14:11:30

    Do you think or feel inside that “warfare” is not really understood in its deepest sense? I could one (and they do and we have)recognize on so many levels what’s at stake..upheaval and trauma (personally and outside of us) but then we have complacency? Its just apparent this life is organic..having said that, it’s a constant reflection, (sorrow/repentance -is tricky) but feeding, watering, neutering kind of thing; back to back with what stands in opposition to His fullest intensions and purpose. Oswald Chambers said “Good can be the enemy of the best”. If this were apprehended then its the answer to complacency? My ramblings..
    Oh..and in a wacky vein..I just saw what the new white house Communications Director Anita Dunn said (a graduation speaker) at a “high school” in Maryland (St. Andrews Ep.)
    Her favorite political philosophers of all time were Chairman Mao Zedong and Mother Teresa? Charming? Oooh, but not necessarily coupled together she says reassuringly (as the audience began to mummer)..but unlike any of the other news outlets that didn’t give a hoot..(she claimed later she was joking)..only the vid goes on as she explains everything if one were in doubt..with a serious face! Oopsy


    • flygurlual
      Oct 20, 2009 @ 21:51:15

      No, I don’t think that most people understand the warfare that is taking place in and around them every second. Or if it can even be measured in time. This is why Paul tells us that we should “pray without ceasing.” And we should have “Godly sorrow that leads to repentance.” There is a difference to be sure. Of course I speak for myself first and foremost. I know that there is a difference between being caught and , being repentant. I often think of David when he said, “against God and God only have I sinned.” He humbled himself before the Lord and he was considered “a man after the Lord’s own heart, yet he did many things that were sinful. It is an attitude of the heart and we must ‘check ourselves constantly. But you’re right, it’s tricky. I feel like Paul…when I say, “Chief of Sinners, am I!”


      • Kilauea Poetry
        Oct 21, 2009 @ 02:17:07

        You nailed’s an attitude of the heart-
        Thanks for your comment..Did you know if it’s an archive I have to read the message in my mail to know where the comment went? I mean usually I’ll go in from blogger..but do check from mail too. Interesting..was the wedding your only experience w/Catholicism..just curious? I did leave a comment..till later-

      • flygurlual
        Oct 21, 2009 @ 07:22:58

        yes, in the Natural vs the Spiritual post. My experience with Catholicism, was limited when I was young however, when I came to faith, I started I started my studies in a church with a pastor that had formerly been a Catholic and he was married to a Jew! This church was filled with many Jewish believers and it is the reason that I learned so much from him about our Jewish roots and I also learned a lot about Catholicism, which showed me where much of the paganism and ritualism in Christianity entered the church.

  4. Kilauea Poetry
    Oct 20, 2009 @ 02:06:35

    Ya Carrie..I’m actually reading Mt. right now and the verse you quoted. “If you say you believe in God, then you must believe that He is powerful enough to be the perfect editor of His own words to His creation”-I like that.
    It’s like semantics when discussing the errancy of the word (there can never be enough proof)because of the vital Holy Spirit missing from the equasion..but because we have His Spirit that means it’s also a language..we discern, perceive and speak it. In a way too, people are always in varying places or positions due to whether or how they’ve yielded..that other side is how everything-the world’s system has permeated even to the body. It’s warfare. Now I’m off to your other posts…


    • flygurlual
      Oct 20, 2009 @ 08:34:43

      Ahhh, yes, that is so true. The Lord said He must leave so He could send His Spirit to “illuminate our minds to the truth.” And since the Word is spiritually discerned, we need the Holy Spirit to understand this “language,” as you related.
      This is our battle and we are constantly engaged with our swords drawn.


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