Signs, Signs, Everywhere A Sign!

Cantankerous Crossing Guard

Cantankerous Crossing Guard

I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help myself! I tried to get a closeup of my friend, but it wasn’t easy, that with trying to scedaddle out of the cross walk before she came over and hit me with that ominous looking sign. OK, I admit, I did edit the photo a bit, but point is, this crossing guard is scary!  I’m almost thinking that this would be an excellent Halloween costume! I actually think she was smiling as I took her picture, but now I’m wondering if it is that kind of cynical smile a serial killer has when he’s about to pounce. I drove as fast as I could after snapping this one off, well, that is as fast as the school zone would allow.

She’s now ‘teamed up’ with the extremely heavy motorcycle cop. I affectionately call him, “Krispy Kreme.” I also had a ‘run in’ with him.  Oh, I know what you’re thinking, “I must be some kind of trouble maker.” I had parked across the street from my son’s school a few years ago,  to get out of the car and get him a snow cone.  There were people parking in this are and no where was a sign posted that there was  “No Parking.” And after all, it was a school zone. The traffic was moving at about 15 miles per hour. Hey, we couldn’t help it the school kids decided to raise funds by selling the frozen concoctions right in front of the school. Perhaps they should have discussed a ‘drive-through.’ I’m sure they realized, however, that this would only take a second.

But not for me! The simple things always become complicated.  Here he comes, sauntering over just as soon as I stepped out of the car .My friend the motorcycle cop It was the first time I’d ever seen him and now I seem to see him all over the city. He told me I could not park there. As I pointed out that there were others there and I was going about 10ft to buy a snowcone and leave, he dryly stated, “If you do this I will have to give you a ticket. ”

I pointed out that no where did it state that a person couldn’t park in this spot and since others had been parking there, he should be a little forgiving. Nope, it wasn’t happening with Lord Krispy Kreme, and I was sent packing, to the wails of my son, “Mommy! Go down the street and park! I just want to get a snowcone!”

Even my young  sons cries did not move this cold hearted cop. “No, I told him, this day, you cannot have one of those snowcones, because the officer won’t let me stop!” The worst part of the whole incident is that while he was holding me up, several other parents were doing the same. This was exactly like the crossing guard! I swear these two know each other and are looking for my car!

At any rate, I called and spoke to the department about his rudeness, and was told that I most certainly could have parked in that spot. So, whenever I see him, I secretly hold my grudge against the cruel cop that wouldn’t let a little boy get a snowcone! lol

Perhaps I’ll get a pic of him for my post one day. That is if I am not ticketed for some kind of moving violation, such as “Distraction by driver, whilst taking a drive by pic!” I wonder how many years I’d get for that.

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  1. Kilauea Poetry
    Oct 09, 2009 @ 22:17:07

    Oh my sound like me. A friend of mine jokingly told me “you always get into trouble in town”! Why oh why can I relate to this? Reminds me too of how I got ticketed at the airport..seriously. I was dropping my son off before he moved back (on a flight to Az.).. They held my license so I could “be right back”! They ended up dropping it though. That’s awful..Krispy Creme-love that, was just throwing his weight around- pun intended! Unreal!


    • flygurlual
      Oct 10, 2009 @ 09:06:17

      I know isn’t life hilarious? If it weren’t for the Lord to remind me that these things would happen, I would have had no hope! Because of Him, I can find the humor in everything. No matter how serious, He shows me something humorous in it all.


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