The Lord is Ready To Rock the House!

We are precious in His sight!

We are precious in His sight!

Yes, I recently heard that song from the children to Obama and the lyrics are eerily sung to Mr. President, however, this is a scripture and it is not about man, but about our Lord!

Sadly, man being sinful and lacking faith, must always try to find an object, albeit another human, to worship.

Sorry folks…if you do that, you will be sadly disappointed. Even President Obama isn’t living up to all of his miraculous promises. We human beings are just getting deeper and deeper into the mess.

I have lived with a lack of trust in humans since a young girl and the abuse of that trust has just continued even on the largest scale by people who are supposed to be in leadership. I realized that the culmination of this trauma taught me a valuable lesson. “In God We Trust,” and Him only!

Read it on your money that you so longingly pursue to the point of lying, stealing and cheating everyone to get it. Do you ever think about that? The Lord has Himself, appointed the leaders. That’s right, corrupt or not, the word of the Lord tells us, “the heart of a king is in the hand of the Lord and He turns it any way He desires.”

Why would He allow corruption? Well, didn’t God “harden Pharoah’s heart as well? Didn’t he do this over and over again? It seems obvious that the Lord is not impotent. So you may want to ponder this. What could be His reasons? Well, “His ways are not our ways, nor His thoughts our thoughts, however, He does say that He doesn’t want His people to perish.” He gives every opportunity to turn away from corruption. He also allowed Judas to betray Christ. But didn’t God, being “omnipotent and omniscient,” know that He had a plan and Judas was going to steal and betray His son. He also knew that being a layered and mult-purpose plan of redemption meant, that every heart, whether good or evil, would be used in this drama. Not one thing shall ever be wasted in God’s economy.

All of us are allowed the same chance. We have free will. The Lord knows in advance, however, what our choice is going to be. So, assess your lives and ask yourself, am I going to be part of His plan for the good of my fellow man, or for evil? Is my desire for the things of this world and selfishness, hastening my own demise? Have I really lived by the “Golden Rule?”

Oh, yes, we all have “sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God.” But don’t forget the rest, when Paul states that if it weren’t for Jesus Christ, we wouldn’t stand a chance. When we have made that choice, we now have the power to turn away from evil. “Behold the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world.” Our desires will change and our purpose for living has been radically transformed. Not for the status and power of this world, but for something much greater.

Well, the days are evil and the Lord is ‘closing in,’ on those who would do evil and try to bring harm to His servants. I have been abused to the point of extreme grief and the Lord pulls me close to Himself and reminds me that those who seek to do evil cannot continue in their ways forever. He also reminds me that I need to pray for them just as Abraham did for Sodom and Gomorrah. Even though they have hurt me. This is only temporary.

Yesterday I walked into my closet as I was getting ready to go to a group meeting. Feeling very sad and depressed at how weary this battle has been, I looked down. There, on my floor was a button. It was turned upside down so that it couldn’t be read. I wondered at it and where it came from. As I looked at it, I felt a nudge from the Holy Spirit. “Pick it up.” As I bent down to retrieve it, I thought of the many ways the Lord speaks. I turned it over and I read, “One Day Longer.” I heard that ‘still, small voice. “This is my word to you to hold on to. When you feel like this, remember, just as Joseph was persecuted by his very own brother’s, thrown into the pit and left for dead, because of jealousy Falsely accused of trying to seduce the kings wife and thrown into prison. Being a help to those in prison, only to be forgotten by them after their release. I raised him up after all of his trials, to be second in command, to the king himself.”

I listened to the Lord speak to my spirit and left with a renewed strength. I remembered a small note that someone had sent to me just the day before. He is only an acquaintance, yet I share small things with him as he comes into my life. The note simply said, “Hang in there.” Yet here again, I was reminded by the Lord of His promises and how he speaks to us, if we have the spiritual ears to hear Him.

Now, the Lord is always showing me that I have not been abandoned. He has a plan. I get a feeling as the days go by, that He is getting ready to unfold the plan and purpose soon. Not just for me, but those that He has placed in my life, whether to bless me or to hurt me. My only responsibility is to feel the compassion that He has for them and pray for them.

He keeps telling me that after I am finished suffering, the deliverance and testimony will be most incredible, because it is He who has brought me out of the pit. I am thankful that He does use the foolish things of this world to confuse the plans of the wise. A thing like the color of my hair for example. To think that this could be the ‘red herring,’ of the whole scheme, is amazing and quite humorous.

In the end, the Lord will glorify Himself and show the world that it is He the rules and reigns and no one can do anything without Him. He will prove that it is by His own design that all of these threads come together to form the most radiant “coat of many colors,’ that will match any hair color for any given day! For this “I will see the goodness of the Lord, in the land of the living, and give Him praise!”

Bruised, busted and downright disgusted!

This surgery is not for wimps

This surgery is not for wimps

So, of course now that I don’t have insurance, I have all the problems.

I had fallen down about 4 months ago and I was already dealing with enough anxiety related to the PTSD, but this was something new.

I have never had any problems with bones or joints in my life, so I ran around from one place to another, seeking help. I knew something was wrong, because all of a sudden I woke up one morning and couldn’t lift my arm. I had excruciating pain. I had finally gone to get an MRI and was informed that I had a torn rotator cuff. Geesh, that even sounds painful. I was told that I would need to see an orthopaedic doctor and when I went to see him, he looked at the x-rays and told me that I had an extremely frozen shoulder.

Hey, I remember this, I thought. A guy that was the father of one of my son’s friends told me last year that he had his third shoulder surgery for this ailment. I had to laugh when I thought about him, because it sounded so trivial and yet this guy had scars all over his shoulders. He told me that he had very limited movement in them. Well, I wondered, why bother with surgery?

I immediately started researching this strange malady and found that it is a problematic condition and it is very painful. Now I wasn’t thinking this was so funny.

I would wake up in pain and go to bed in pain. The only good thing is that it would distract me from my  anxiety regarding my other condition. It also added to it, since the bills are piling up. Come on Obama, where’s the health care package when I need it?

A guy that I was talking to laughed when I shared my condition with him as well. “What? A frozen shoulder? Is that like giving someone the cold shoulder, only worse?” Haha, I thought that was witty.

Now, the doctor told me that the best way to deal with this is to ‘manipulate my shoulder under anesthesia. He was going to inject it with cortisone and then manipulate it. I knew that from my limited attempts to try and move it, I would need to be completely out for this procedure.

Well, I awoke with pain, yet nothing as bad as when the anesthesia wore off. That’s when I started to notice the bruises. You could make out the fingerprints and I swear they must have had a team, working me over. I must have also reminded me of their ex wives or someone they clearly had it out for.

“What in the world?” I wondered. This is ridiculous. Just who was in that room? Hmm, I can think of a few people who may have wanted a shot at me and perhaps they paid someone for the opportunity to use me as the punching bag. How would I know? Perhaps some sick, sadistic person or persons, took numbers at the door and had their free shot. Maybe I should ask if they have a video surveillance that I can watch just to see what happened in that room.

I don’t know, but when I saw the doctor a week later, even he was shocked. Hey, if he doesn’t know what happened, I didn’t feel too secure. He looked at all the bruising, and I had way more on the back down my elbow, and said, “what happened?” “Huh? Don’t you know?”

“Ahhh, I remember now. You were the one with the really frozen shoulder.” Well, I said, this looks bad. “Well,” he said, you must start physical therapy immediately or you will have to have this done again!” “Oh no, I’m not! Get me in right now!”

Well the next day I went to a meeting. In this meeting were a few women that had been abused. I felt their stares. Look, I live in Florida and am not about to wear long sleeved shirts, to hide. But at this moment, I almost wished that I had. Such looks of sympathy and I could read their thoughts. “This poor woman, needs to be here. In fact she needed to be here yesterday.” Yes, I knew and as it came time for everyone to introduce themselves, I began, “I know what you’re all thinking and these bruises on my arm are from surgery. ” Oh that’s just great, now I’m thinking they are all looking for the stitches or bandages. “What kind of surgery is this?” I’m sure they’re thinking and “she is in some kind of serious denial.”

So, the next day I had physical therapy with a woman and she was laughing so hard as I recounted the meeting and the way these women reacted to me. Now the girl is massaging my arm so hard, I warned her, “watch it, because when I go in and see these women next week, I am going to have to explain. “Look, these new bruises are from the massage I received.” Oh, I can just see the reactions after this story! “Come on, now she’s saying she got those from a massage? Geesh! Next she’ll come in with a black eye and tell us that the guy gave her a face massage!”

This girl was rolling on the floor as we tried to imagine the sympathy I would receive and the kind words like, “Just be honest and share with us.”

The next day I had a Russian woman and the day after that a Polish woman. Both with thick accents. The Polish woman took my arm and jacked it all the way up until I screamed, “Ouch!” “Your doctor told me to be very aggressive,” she stated, with her strong accent. “Listen, I don’t like that word aggressive, any more than I liked the word, manipulation. Look at what happened after he manipulated me. Those are always negative words.” I told her. She laughed and then grabbed my arm again and aggressively yelled, “Don’t fight me!” Ok, now she was scaring me, since I could see that she was enjoying her wrestling match with my arm.

I came home feeling beaten up and shared the story with my  11 year old son. “Oh yea, I know how that accent sounds. Hey, did she have a mole on her face?” I cracked up at this and said, “Sure and she flew in on a broom!”

I could only imagine what visual he had. Yet I have to admit, this woman did more for my arm than the rest of them. Now I’m starting to believe that this is all about job security. They put you under, beat you up and then send you to therapy to beat you up some more. And then you are so much in pain that you think you must have another doctor look at you and go through the whole thing all over again. They will give you a referral and a coupon for more physical therapy. It all so symbiotic.

I went in to the grocery store and had everyone in produce and the bag boys, helping me. They were drawn to my arm, yet almost afraid to look at me directly. However, they all were so gracious to ask, (with a very sad voice) “do you need any help?” Hmmm, I’m sure they meant, perhaps a restraining order.

Holding On To the Invisible Man

The beauty of creation

The beauty of creation

I was talking with a young girl the other day and she told me that she has a friend that is so confused. This girl I was speaking with I will call, Carol. I will refer to her friend as, Barbara.

Carol is very good friends with Barbara. However, the girl has some issues to be sure. It seems that Carol attracts obsessive types and Barbara loves to be a conduit.

Do you have any friends like this? I remember having a few friends in my life, that just wanted to hang around me because they thought I could attract more men than they could. Yes, it’s a real phenomenon. They are like ‘pilot fish.’ Always swimming next to you in the hopes that they can just take the cast-offs.

Well, Barbara became friends with a certain guy and she developed a major crush on him. He was a total scoundrel.

He only had affections, although misguided, for Carol. Now Carol didn’t even know this, since the guy never ‘let on’ that he was even remotely interested in her. This is the m.o. of obsessive types. They are having a relationship in their own mind and no one else knows about it except them.

It would be comical if it wasn’t so pathetic. They are psychopathic by nature, since they have no clear feelings toward the people they use to get to their prey. They stalk and manipulate their way into the object victims life and don’t care at all about the methods they use.

Now, Carol was telling me that she was getting the second-hand story from her friend, Barbara, about this guy and she started to detest him. He was texting Carol all the time, and emailing and whatever else he could do, just to have contact with her. He needed to keep Barbara in his life, because she was the one that was friends with Carol.

Carol told me that one day Barbara, who was totally smitten with this vermin, was cuddling with him on the couch. All of a sudden it was time for him to kiss her and he pulled away and flatly stated, “I can’t do this, I feel like I’m cheating on Carol.”

“What?!” She was furious! At this, she called Carol later and dumped everything in one big stinking heap. She was so angry that this guy could use her like this.

Carol was angrier still. “How could the guy say that? I don’t even know him and we sure aren’t involved in any way! Barbara, you need to get him out of your life,” she told her.

“I know, I just don’t know how. He’s such a good friend.” “Good friend? What kind of friend does something like that! He basically told you he’s using you!”

Carol told me that she made an agreement with Barbara to help her withdraw from this guy. She also made it quite clear that she didn’t want him to know anything about her.

I told Carol, “Don’t be surprised if Barbara has a difficult time with this, because it sounds to me, she’s allowed herself to be used many times and she doesn’t seem to mind. It’s as if any attention, is better than none at all. Then I proceeded to tell her that I’d had friends like this in my past, and they would allow themselves to be manipulated just to be in the presence of a man. It didn’t matter if they knew he was interested in me. They thought somehow that they were going to miraculously cast the magic spell that would transform them into what they wanted him to be. So you can see, they both really have the same problem. It is one of obsession and delusional thinking.

I also told Carol, to be careful, because, this girl is a parasite, and a parasite, always needs a host. She is the host and this girl needs her to go along with the plan. The only way this guy wants Barbara in his life, is if Carol is part of the package.

So, Carol told me that she deleted the guy from her Facebook. She wouldn’t answer any of his text messages and tried to ignore any phone calls.

Now it was her friend, Barbara’s turn. Well, just as I thought, Barbara was “having a hard time letting go.” “Letting go of what?” I asked. The whole thing is goofy and she’s exactly like him! He thinks he’s cheating on you, when you two have never even gone out, and she can’t let go of what she never had!” lol This is so bizarre. “She’s trying to hold on to the invisible man!” I told her.

I am fascinated at this and yet a sense of sadness comes over me at the same time. This girl and so many others that have no self-esteem whatsoever, allow men like this to abuse them in this way. It adds to the self-esteem problem and then they are even more prone to attract more of the same.

I told Carol that this girl certainly needs some therapy before she even thinks of being involved with someone.

Of course, just as I knew would happen, the guy constantly calls and leaves text messages for Barbara. “Are we ok?” he asks. “What? Now this guy just doesn’t want to take a hint and I’ve told Carol, these are not the kind of person that you can ‘hint out of your life. They must be cut-off and immediately. They must be told in no uncertain terms that you have no interest in them and never will. That their actions make you uncomfortable and you do not want to continue any kind of relationship, friendship or otherwise.

Yes, she concurred, this seems to be the only way to deal with him. “The problem is that I found out Barbara, never really told him to get lost. She told me now, she didn’t exactly tell him to go.”

“Ok, I told her, this is what I had warned you about. She has the same problem and she needs you to go along with the plan, if she is to maintain any kind of relationship with this nut. “Yea,” she’s already telling me that he’s like my Tom.” Referring to a relationship that Carol had years before when her and a guy she knew were friends, but Carol had wanted more. The guy wasn’t able to commit because he was a player, however, he and Carol have now become good friends.

I try to tell her that it’s not at all the same.” Tom never told me he was interested in another friend and was using me to get to her!” “No,” I said. But Barbara doesn’t want to hear that. She already knows it isn’t the same, however, she needs you to buy into this whole con, because you are part of the sick triangle of her obsession. If you pull out and are unwilling to cooperate, she’s lost the invisible man. Unwilling to do this, she is setting you up to be brainwashed into her sickness.

I told Carol, you are definitely going to have to be strong on this front and let her know that there is no way, no how, that you are ever going to be a part of this plan and also make sure that she doesn’t let this weirdo know where you both are going and what you are doing. Believe me, these guys are weasels, always calculating. They have nothing better to do, but to obsess and wait, stalking their prey. The best thing you can do is let him try to find another object and that can only be done by erasing yourself from his memory.

“Geesh!” I said, this guys probably got pictures of you all over his room, with a bridal gown hanging somewhere! lol Anyway, I had to think about how common this really is.

She also told me that the last time she saw the guy, he was whining about how terrible his life was. Another trait of the obsessive personality. They try to play the sympathy card constantly. They don’t care if someone is with them because of sympathy, as long as they can capture them and hold them hostage. They don’t care about you and cannot feel sympathy for anyone else but themselves. They have no concept of what they are doing to others with their sick behavior.

I remember when I was about 15 and was at a party with some girlfriends. I guess it would be the first time I realized that I was attractive to the opposite sex. I saw guys lining up to talk to me and I was amazed, since I had been so shy and unaware of my new body, which seemed to be the source of attention.

As my two gf’s came to me and said, “you have all these guys just waiting for you to talk to them! Look at you, don’t you realize what’s happening?” “No, I said, but although I liked the attention I was getting, it was a little bit scary. Then it happened. There was a guy, kind of geeky, standing in line to talk with me. As he approached, he opened with, “you are so pretty. Listen, I have a mother that has MS, and I just know she would be so proud if I came home with you! If she could see me with someone like you before she died, I know she’d be happy!”

“What?! This was outrageous and totally out of left field. Now I know I was still pretty naive, but this just didn’t make me want to go anywhere with this guy! I mean if you could use your mother in this way, whether it was true or not, totally creeped me out!”

I went into the next room with my two gf’s and told them this story. We all cracked up. I said, “This is the worst thing a guy could ever do! Doesn’t he realize that he’s the last person I’d ever want to be with?”

Apparently, this was to be a long string of creeps in my life and now I see it’s a pattern of behavior that some men learn. No matter how many times you hint and drop clues, they refuse to accept that you have no interest. Hence, the obsession. The more you say “no,” the more they hear, “at least she’s speaking to me.” It’s sick and the only solution, is NO CONTACT!

Ok, ladies…for you…You cannot hold onto what you do not have and allowing the Invisible Man to remain in your life, is only an acknowledgement that you would like to be used. GET UP OFF OF THE FLOOR, dust yourself off and get to your nearest group counseling session for obsessive women. You are going to need to break this now, or be prepared to live a life under this persons feet. You would be much better off alone and hey, wouldn’t you rather be single than listening to the whining of the sad sap that can’t get anyone except by force?

Instead being on the underside of the size 10 shoes, how about taking that “ton of bricks,” and dropping them right where they belong. Yes, there’s a nice comfortable place for them, right on top of Mr. Invisible’s empty head!

Streams In The Desert

We are drawn to the water

We are drawn to the water

This book, Streams In The Desert by L.B. Cowman,is a book that I read almost daily. The Lord always has a word for me in this book.

I have used it over the years and marked in it  many times. It has ministered to me in countless ways and all of the scripture passages are divinely directed for each day.

When I am going through severe tribulation in my life, this book has spoken right into my circumstances. When I am at peace and full of joy, it has spoken to my spirit as well. How does it know? Well, the Holy Spirit knows the heart of all men. Whether a person is submitted to the Lord or not, He has a way of reaching us and speaking in a way that we can understand. He is always with us.

I went out to my mailbox one day last summer, when I was at the peak of my anxiety with my Post Traumatic Stress, and I found a dead iguana. It’s throat had been slit and eyes poked out. I was so alarmed as my ex-husband stood before me with my son; I pulled it out by the tail and said, “See?” I knew that my ex-husband had no idea of the level of spiritual battle I was involved in. I would battle in my prayers and the Lord constantly reminded me that worry and anxiety were not from Him. He gives us peace, and as He says, “perfect peace, unlike the world offers.” I knew I was not experiencing this perfect peace, because the enemy of my soul was bringing out the big guns from his arsenal and I was afraid.

After I threw this iguana in the trash and stopped trying to figure out what person was responsible for this atrocity, I brought the mail into the house.

This is when the Lord spoke to me. “Didn’t I tell you that you trample scorpions and serpents for my name sake? Didn’t I show you as an example that you are the Head not the Tail?” He reminded me of His love for me and “not to be afraid of those who can kill the body, but rather fear the one who can kill both body and soul.

Yes, now I am remembering His words to me, which are the words of Life. I looked down at my mail and right on top was the magazine that I have and it is also a message from the Lord. “Israel, my glory.” This iguana was laying right on top of it. The Lord had spoken to me long ago and told me that I am a picture of Israel to Him and should apply all of the same promises made to her, also to myself. He also reminded me that this was not a coincidence. Satan hates Israel and anyone who bears her name. The one whom the Lord has called and is in covenant is going to be the object of Satan’s hatred.  All believers in Christ, are considered part of this same covenant through Abraham.

He told me that I should remember all of these promises made by Him, my heavenly Father and He will never break them. As I looked at this writing, “Israel My Glory,” I felt as if He had just reached out of heaven and sent me a little love note. Something to remind me that I am “ruling and reigning with Him in heavenly places.” This little fear tactic by the enemy shall have no power over me, but I was reminded by the Lord to pray for anyone that is being used as a servant by these dark spirits. They are the ones that are in great peril.

Yes, I have suffered. Tremendously, however, as I read the passage from today, I saw such an interesting quote by a Roman soldier; When a Roman soldier was told by his  guide that if he insisted on taking a certain journey, it would probably be fatal, he answered, “It is necessary for me to go-it is not necessary for me to live.” (Streams in the Desert. September 10, Special TBN Edition)

The Lord can never use a person that is still holding onto themselves. This soldier showed a perfect example of a life lived for the purpose of his mission, whether his life is lost or not. “Whoever finds his life, will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.” How many people have this conviction to follow the path to life? Not many, in fact scripture tells us this.

Check yourself; if you are on the road that speaks, “everyone is doing it.” Believe me, you are on the wide road and many travel on it. It is the road that is very narrow, with few traveling along, that you must find, if you are to attain life eternal. Then all of this suffering and efforts to reach some kind of worldly status, is unimportant. It will pale in comparison to the one who Has called you and the mission He has called you to.

If you are parched from this world and you’ve reached to top, and found, there’s nothing gratifying about any of this, it’s because you were following after the wrong things. Now you have asked, “Is this all there is? Why do I still feel empty?”

You are a desert. Jesus Christ is the Living Water, and once this desert has a drink of this Living Water, you will ” never thirst again.” Take it and drink it. He became a drink offering for all who thirst!”

How Can I Understand Revelation?

Well, I have heard from so many people over the years that they just can’t read the book of Revelation because it scares them. They also say it is way too difficult to understand. Well, I would like to speak to anyone that feels this way.

First of all, God has promised in the book of Revelation, that a special blessing is in store for all of those who would seek to read and understand this book. Why do you think our Lord told us this? It’s like a father telling his son/daughter, I will give you a special gift if you do this for me. The reason is clear, our Father desires us to have all knowledge that is available to us to help us. It behooves every human being to understand what the creator of all, is trying to convey to us.

To answer the second challenge that it is too difficult to understand, we must first remember that John wrote Revelations to all mankind and this means that he was witnessing future events but interpreting those events in the vernacular of his day. We must remember that John did not know what nuclear bombs were, or tanks or stealth bombers. He was seeing events so incredible that he said this was beyond comprehension. He saw fire that melted the earth and all of its elements. That sure sounds like a nuclear explosion to me.

I have stated in many of my posts that when I first started following Christ, eschatology was my passion. I picked up Hal Lindsey’s books and Jack Van Impe and many others. The movie Left Behind by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins.These books and video,  was all the rage and very close to interpretation of scripture. This helped me study through Revelation.

I have inserted a video that opens up some of the symbolism and I’m sure that if this piques your interest, you can find many others. Just keep in mind, you should have your bible and study it at the same time and also keep in mind that the Lord Himself has promised you a very special blessing. As unbelievers, I understand the fear of this book. Most don’t want to be reminded that our God who is full of mercy and grace, is also allowing the timetable to run its course until the judgement. The biggest fear of most people, I’m sad to say, is that they don’t want to face the truth. That our God is all merciful, however, He is also a righteous God.

To believers I only have one question? What’s your excuse?

The King Is Coming Soon!

I watched a program on the History Channel the other night and it was all about the prophesies of Nostradamus and others. It was quite fascinating, although, I don’t really put a lot of faith in the prophetic, unless the person to whom the prophesy is flowing is submitted to the Lord.

I listened and wondered why mankind is always trying to figure out what God has already spoken in His Word. Open it up! It’s all there. The Lord gave us signs and markers and so did all of the prophets before and after His final resurrection to sit beside the Father.

Yes, read Revelation and the earlier words from the prophet Daniel. Daniel was told by the angel, “these words shall be sealed up until the end, when people are running to and fro, seeking knowledge. We are now living in what has been termed the “information age.” All the signs that Christ had spoken of before His return have been fulfilled. These all center around Israel, “the apple of Gods eye.”

The internet is the information, superhighway, and now I have also learned about the  Webbot Project. It searches all of the internet to try to predict future events. It is an interesting website, however, as I said, only one source would be needed for this endeavor. The Word of God. Yes, the book of Revelation and its words are repeated as one source, however. so many others are listed that to my knowledge, it’s confusing.

Lets, keep it simple. Read your bible and prepare for the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, to make His return!

The Bride of Christ

Always waiting for my beloved

Always waiting for my beloved

I had a dream about 1993 and the Lord had shown me that I was about to endure some tribulations as His bride.

I had been in a fellowship at the time with many strong believers and had learned so much about my calling and my gifts. I also learned about spiritual warfare and the enemy that stalks us strong believers to try to seduce us back into the world. If you would have asked me then I probably would have said, “Oh that’s not going to happen to me. I can certainly recognize the schemes of the enemy and won’t fall into that trap.” I would have never imagined that years later, when the ultimate tribulation began in my life, that I would become blinded to the one that I challenged on so many other occasions. “But don’t you know that Satan himself appears as an angel of light, so that he may deceive many?”

Now I had forgotten all of that. Yet deceived people rarely know they are deceived until the Holy Spirit brings that conviction and warning. The Lord had shown me all too clearly in this particular dream, that I would indeed be deceived and it was to happen not too long before the wedding is about to begin.

When He brought this dream to back to my memory, I had to look at the circumstances of my life and acknowledge that everything had happened according to this dream.

The dream;

I was in a church and I was getting ready for my own wedding. I was wearing what appeared to be a red slip and one shoe. I could not find my gown or my other shoe. I was crying out to my bridesmaids that I needed these parts of my apparel or I would not be ready.

They were scrambling about trying to find my things for me when I ventured out of the church into a beautiful meadow. I was immediately impressed with the serenity of it all and had forgotten the fact that I was even about to enter into matrimony.

I had continued to walk and there sitting on a brick wall was a man. He was holding a guitar and singing in Italian. It was mesmerizing. I looked at him and was longing for more of this seductive music. I sat and listened as he looked at me and sang some more.

Suddenly, I remembered! “Oh, I said, I must leave. I have to get ready for my wedding!” “No! He said. I have more, listen! He started to play and before I could become hypnotized,  once again, I decided to run.

I ran across the field toward the church. As I entered into the sanctuary and the small room, I saw my bridesmaids, holding my gown and my shoes. They hurriedly dressed me and placed my veil upon my head as I heard bells to start the ceremony. I was ready with just minutes to spare.

When I looked at the dream that I had written into my prayer journal, the Lord revealed so many things to me. He reminded me that I had been called and chosen when I was just a young girl. I had accepted His proposal. Yet, I was not finished. I had to consecrate my life and be ready for His return.

I learned about the ancient Jewish wedding customs and it was so beautiful and it also taught me that this is also an incredible picture of what is spoken of in scripture as the Rapture and following wedding feast.

When a man proposed he did it with a special cup of wine. It was a marriage proposal that was sealed as the man and woman drank from the cup. The future groom did not immediately take his bride.(Take drink, this is the covenant in my blood) The disciples were accepting Christ’s proposal of marriage.

He was to go to his father’s house and prepare for his bride. (I go to my Father’s house to prepare a place for you.(John 14)

The bride was to be ready at all times, since the groom would not let her know when he was coming to get her.(All of the virgins did not have their lamps full of oil at the bridegrooms return, therefore were left out of the wedding banquet. Matthew 25)

With a shout and the blow of the shofar, ( a rams horn) the bridegroom will announce his coming to his bride. (he shall send His angels with a loud trumpet call. Matthew 24:31, 1Cor.14:8, 1Th4:16)

At this point the bridegroom collects his bride and they shall go to the wedding feast. They would then go into a secluded chamber to consummate their vows as the fest continued. They would remain hidden for seven days. (Seven days, symbolizes the seven years of tribulation on the earth after the rapture has taken place. (Revelation 19:9) This is known as “The time of Jacob’s troubles.) It is a time of suffering that the earth has never known and it’s main purpose is to bring in the most hardened of unbelievers. It is also the time that every nation shall come against Israel.(Jacob)

After the bride and groom have consummated, they rejoin their party and it is the first time they see the bride, unveiled, in her radiant glory.(And we, who with unveiled faces all reflect the Lord’s glory, are being  transformed into his likeness with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit.(Cor.3:18)

The bride revealed in Revelation 21:1,2) “Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away and there was no longer any sea. I saw the Holy City, thew new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride beautifully dressed for her husband.”

What a glorious picture! Who wouldn’t want to be a part of this? If a person thinks anything on this earth is superior, it is only because they lack faith. All of these things shall come to pass.

Now back to my dream. The Lord had interpreted this to me and it doesn’t take too much discernment, after understanding what I have just shown in scripture. I was in a rush to get ready, yet I was still lacking in my wedding garments.Matthew 22:11 The Parable of the Wedding Banquet) (Clothe yourself in Jesus Christ-Romans 13:14)

I thought I was ready, but the Lord revealed that I was not. I still had a longing for the world, by going out of the sanctuary and into the world, right before my own wedding was to begin. I was seduced by the world and had completely forgotten my groom.

As I wandered, I came upon another man that tried to seduce me with his charm. This is a picture of the enemy.

The Holy Spirit reminded me of my vows and the spell was broken. (Greater is He that is in me, than the one that is in the world.)(1John4:4)

At that point, I ran back to the sanctuary to find my bridesmaids, loyally waiting for my return with all my garments prepared for me. (Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance, the race marked out for us. Let us fix our eyes upon Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith. Hebrews 12:1,2)

I was made ready, spotless and blameless for my wedding. (Ephesians 5:26,27) to make her holy, cleansing her by the washing with water through the word, and to present her to himself as a radiant church, without stain or wrinkle or any other blemish, but holy and blameless.

This is difficult to grasp, since we are all in a body of sin, however, all of these things when submitted to the power of Christ, will give us the ability to overcome, so that we can be a bride, “being made ready.” And “when He appears, we shall be like Him.” (1John 3:2,3)

Is it possible? Of course! Christ has told us and we know this to be true.

The Journey of the Three Stooges

Journey of the Three Stooges

Journey of the Three Stooges

Aren’t we all in an episode of the Three Stooges at one time or another in our lives? We have to laugh and this is what I did. I saw this experience through someone elses eyes as I recounted the story many times and it was always just as hilarious as the day that it happened. From one situation to the next it seemed that nothing could go right, but in the end we had a surprise and you couldn’t have written a better comedy act.

I was checking in for a trip in my base, when me and a flying partner had been waiting in the briefing room for the third flight attendant. We waited and waited and finally, we had to tell the coordinator that we were short one flight attendant. We always wait until the last minute, so as not to get anyone into trouble. Perhaps they were caught in traffic or looking for a parking space in that cramped parking lot.

Now it was getting late and if someone were to be called out, we had to let someone know. We approached the coordinator and told him that the person didn’t show. He picked up the phone and called him. “Hey Jimmy, where are you? No, you had two of these trips back to back and you aren’t supposed to check in tomorrow, but today. Your crew is waiting for you.”

I could tell this guy Jimmy was frantic with this call. You never want to find out you missed a trip, which is a cardinal sin, or that you are late. We were issued acronyms in our work history that sounded bad and to tell someone else, “I had a trip failure,” is just plain negative, all the way. It sounds like a court martial.

So we could tell he was fighting for his position with the coordinator. He was telling him he would make this trip, come hell or high water. A late check-in was less punitive than a trip failure. So, all I could do is pray that he got here in time, just to ease his anxiety.

Our trip was going to end up in Minneapolis, with a stop in Chicago, LaGuardia and then to Minneapolis. Doesn’t that sound fun?

Well, we were told to just go to our plane and have our briefing onboard until Jimmy showed up. Neither Keith nor I really wanted the purser position. It seemed this trip would be drama, since it is starting out this way. Because Keith was junior, he took it. It was Jimmy’s position, but we had to brief with the pilots and get started since we had no idea when or if Jimmy would arrive.

Keith just finished briefing with the pilots and they went over the planned route, weather, and safety with us. Now we took a few minutes to check out all of our stuff and all of a sudden another guy comes on board. “Hey, I’m Armando. They just pulled me off the flight to Santiago, to work this. At this Keith and I laughed. Are you kidding? You know you will end up in Minneapolis, right?” “Yes, and I’m not too happy about it.” “Oh, come on, they have that great mall and everything! lol We tried to make him feel better, but there simply was no comparing his trip to ours.

At this point, Keith tells him, “I don’t really want the purser position, if you’d like you can have it.” “Oh sure, Armando says.” “It’s extra money at least.”

So now Armando briefs with the pilots. “Didn’t we already do this?” “Yea, but our purser didn’t show and now Armando is going to take it.” They laughed and rebriefed with just him.

We were getting all set up in the back galley and we hear an announcement from Armando. “Hey, I’m going back to my flight. Your other person just showed up.”

Keith and I make our way up to the front of the plane and there he is. This guy looked like he slept in his uniform. His shirt was all wrinkled and his tie was on crooked. The knot was almost sideways, as if he had just been in a wind tunnel and it got caught in a door on the way out.

The thing I remember most about Jimmy is that he wore braces and he must have just gotten them. He seemed embarrased whenever he talked and he would cover his mouth and put his head down as he mumbled his words. Keith and I were constantly straining to hear his message and all hopes of reading his lips were lost behind his hand.

Keith said, “you look like you ran out the door in a hurry.” (Hand over mouth, his response) “yea, I was so (inaudible) I got here as soon(inaudible.)Keith and I just looked at each other with smirks. This should be interesting.

Now Jimmy briefed with the pilots. “How many purser’s do you have?” They were laughing at the whole scene and I do believe the sight of Jimmy added some more hilarity to the whole experience.

We were now finally ready to go. With just minutes to spare, Jimmy had actually gotten to his flight and we were departing, on time. This was quite a feat.

Every time Jimmy would come back to tell us something, he would laugh. He would walk away and Keith would look at me and we both would say in unison, “What did he say?”

Finally we arrived in Chicago. Next stop was supposed to be LaGuardia. We found out that we had a supervisor sitting in First Class. She was going to LaGuardia for some kind of meeting. Having supervisors onboard always makes people uncomfortable. They are always watching everything and at times make out reports. Since she was in First Class, Keith and I didn’t care too much, but we had to think it was funny, since Jimmy, was working up there. He seemed awkward and sloppy and we wondered what she was going to think.

“The cockpit made an announcement over the pa, that we had a mechanical problem. They told everyone that it was minor and we would be on a short delay. “Oh great, maybe we won’t have to go to Minneapolis.” Flight attendants always play a little guessing game when these things happen. “Maybe we’ll cancel, maybe they will send us somewhere else.” Yes, I know, passengers don’t want those things to happen, but remember that ‘F’ word? We have become a type of person that actually gets excited about the unknown.

We had waited about 30 minutes and we were passing out drinks since the delay was longer than expected. Suddenly we hear the pilot on the pa again. “Uhhh, ladies and gentlemen, we have encountered another problem and we’re sorry to inform you that our control panel is having a problem. We are going to see if another plane has the panel that we need, or we will have to call for a part. We will keep you posted. If we can’t get the part from another plane, our delay will be longer than expected.”

“What?” Me and Keith wondered why they just now found this problem. All of a sudden we see Jimmy walking to the back to speak to us in the galley. He put his head down and said, “Oh, you wouldn’t believe what happened. I was giving the pilots their orange juice and coke and I dumped the tray all over their control panel! Man, I hope I don’t get in trouble over this!” Keith and I looked at him and tried to console him. “Oh, I said, accidents happen.”Mumbling something that was incoherent once again, he turned his wrinkly uniformed body around and hustled back to the front.

Keith and I looked at each other and both said, simultaneously, “his heads gonna roll!”We cracked up. This was just too much and with a supervisor up there. I wonder if she knows anything. The pilots were kind enough to allude to the mechanical, without getting anyone in trouble.

When the time was creeping and creeping, we heard another announcement. “Ladies and gentlemen, unfortunately we were unable to secure a part from another aircraft and will have to have one flown in. This will be longer than expected and if you’d like to leave the aircraft you can, but please stay in the gate area.”

Here we go. Now we gave out all of the drinks we had. We did a full service and we had been so long on the airplane that we could take a rest outside the plane for 15 minutes. We called our union and they contacted inflight to let them know.

By the time we returned the we knew that this was going to run into our legal time that we were on duty and at this point another crew would be called out.

The passengers were very nice considering all of the hassle that they had to experience. They knew that we were working hard and we were joking around with all of them. I personally love New Yorkers and their no-nonsense attitude. I had fun in spite of what was going on and the people were great to me.

Finally, the part did arrive and just as we thought, it was time to replace us with a new crew. Since we were in Chicago, a domicile, it was no problem to call the standbys.

Our pilots, were still legal, however and we said goodbye as we headed off the plane. We had a long layover and didn’t have to finish that trip.

Keith and I agreed that Jimmy was a big screw up, but we couldn’t be too hard on him, since we enjoyed the benefits of a nice layover and got off the plane before heading to LaGuardia.

The next day, we bumped into one of the pilots from the trip, coming through the airport. “Oh my gosh, you are so lucky you left when you did! He said. “After we left Chicago and we headed into LaGuardia, they closed it because of the curfew and we had to divert to Newark! The people were so mad, they were throwing their bags and cursing the crew!”

We all looked at each other and said, “Whew! Did we dodge a bullet or what?” However, Keith and I knew the bullet would have never been fired, if it wasn’t  for our third stooge, Jimmy.

About a week later I had another trip with Keith and as I checked my mailbox in the domicile, I pulled out a note that was a compliment for the crew of this flight and it was signed by none other than the supervisor that was sitting in First Class! She said how impressed she was with out attitude and service to the passengers during a difficult delay. She had sent one to me, Keith and our beloved, Jimmy.”

When I walked into my briefing room and looked at Keith, I saw he had just finished reading his and we laughed so hard that we cried. “Hey, we need to fly with Jimmy more often, I said!

Imitate Me, As I Imitate Christ (1Cor.4:16)

I am very aware of the power of examples. Christ taught in parables that the layman could understand. If He was speaking to fishermen, He would use the examples of fishing. If He was speaking to builders, He would use the example of building, etc. And He was always comparing the minds of little children to the kingdom of God. So we can see that the children are very important to Him. He tells us that “the least of these shall be the greatest in the kingdom of God.” He also tells us “that unless we become like a child we will not see the kingdom of God. ”
Knowing this, it makes sense that we must look to the children for our understanding of the deeper truths. We mus also be careful in the way we raise our own children, since He will hold us accountable when we return them in the end.

Yes, we only have them ‘on loan’ until His return. So, it is imperative that we are not walking as hypocrites, because we know our children are always watching and they will follow what they see, not what is taught. We must learn to walk in the way that Jesus walked

My son came home from his youth class at church last Sunday and he was very excited to have me read what was given to him in his class. He told me to read it out loud and as I came to the end, I began to cry at the beautiful example that was in this story. It was extremely interesting and touching to me, also because I had flown in and out of O’Hare airport, thousands of times and never heard this moving story. I  would like to share this with others and it certainly points to the power and ultimate sacrifice of an example that is lived, rather than taught.

The Story of Butch O’Hare:

During the course of World War II, many people gained fame in one way or another. One man was Butch O’Hare. He was a fighter pilot assigned to an aircraft carrier in the Pacific. One time his entire squadron was assigned to fly a particular mission. After he was airborne, he looked at his fuel gauge and realized that someone had forgotten to top off his fuel tank. Because of this, he would not have enough fuel to complete his mission and get back to his ship. His flight leader told him to leave formation and return. As he was returning to the mother ship, he could see a squadron of Japanese Zeroes heading toward the fleet to attack. And with all the fighter planes gone, the fleet was almost defenseless. His was the only opportunity to distract and divert them. Single-handedly, he dove into the formation of Japanese planes and attacked them. The American fighter planes were rigged with cameras, so that as they flew and fought, pictures were taken so pilots could learn more about the terrain, enemy maneuvers, etc. Butch dove at them and shot until all his ammunition was gone, then he would dive and try to clip off a wing or tail or anything that would make the enemy planes unfit to fly. He did anything he could to keep them from reaching the American ships. Finally, the Japanese squadron took off in another direction, and Butch O’Hare and his fighter, both badly shot up, limped back to the carrier. He told his story, but not until the film from the camera on his plane was developed, did they realize the extent he really went ot, to protect his fleet. He was recognized as a hero and given on e of the nation’s highest military honors. And as you may know, O’Hare Airport was named after him.

Prior to this time in Chicago, there was a man named Easy Eddie. He was working for a man you’ve all heard about, Al Capone. Al Capone wasn’t famous for anything heroic, but he was notorious for the murders he’d committed and the illegal thing’s he’d done. Easy Eddie was Al Capone’s lawyer and he was very good. In fact, because of his skill, he was able to keep Al Capone out of jail. To show his appreciation, Al Capone paid him very well. He not only earned big money, he would get extra things, like a residence that filled an entire Chicago city block. The house was fenced, and he had live-in help and all of the conveniences of the day.

Easy Eddie had a son. He loved his son and gave him all the best things while he was growing up;clothes, cars, and a good education. And, because he loved his son he tried to teach him right from wrong. But one thing he couldn’t give his son was a good name, and a good example. Easy Eddie decided that this was much more important than all the riches he had given him. So, he went to the authorities in order to rectify the wrong he had done. In order to tell the truth, it meant he must testify against Al Capone, and he knew that Al Capone would do his best to have him killed. But he wanted most of all to try to be an example and to do the best he could to give back to his son, a good name. So he testified.Within a year, he was shot and killed on a lonely street in Chicago.

These sound like two unrelated stories, but Butch O’Hare was Easy Eddie’s son.

(Author unknown)

When I had come to the last line of the story, I cried. What a powerful picture of a man “laying down his own life for the life of his son.” My teachings to my son are that anyone can say anything, but the power is in the way they live. And once you lose your integrity, it is very difficult to get it back.

This is what I want my son to know and I pray every day that I have the grace as a parent to make the right choices and walk as Christ walked. This way he will see my example and not hear me speaking vain words.

And men, I would like to remind you that your calling is the very highest. In the Garden of Eden, God Himself, laid down the governmental authority and men are to be the head that submits to Christ in that order.

This is how important it is the the Lord. He even tells us that the “sins of the father, are passed to the sons of those that do not love God.” So I would remind you, if you have children; before you take that next step, remember, little eyes are watching you.