A Family Held Captive…in progress

Well, the dreams that we have from the Lord usually have more than one application and I am amazed to find that this one certainly does in my life. I am so grieved right now at what is happening, yet I also know that it is being sifted right through my own Father’s hands before it comes to me and He is also doing a work in those that are seeking to bring me harm. He truly does protect us when we walk in His ways and turn away from all evil. I feel grief for those that the Lord is bringing discipline to as well. I see that they try to seek their own revenge when it is the Lord’s to take and they will only find themselves in a deeper mess.

Now this dream is just the picture of my life. The woman in her bathroom and someone entering in. A picture of a woman with literally no privacy whatsoever. Yes, this has been me and the people that do these things do them because they have so much to fear, that they are always worried about being caught. The Lord shows me everything before it happens. He will do that for anyone that is submitted to the truth. A person walking in deception will not hear from the Holy spirit no matter how much they dress themselves up in church clothes. All they have managed to do is to deceive themselves and this is a very dangerous place to be in at this place in time. It is the apostasy.

We must constantly watch and pray and see that our deeds line up with the word of God. If they do not, then we are being deceived.

It’s amazing how people will try to justify their actions by telling themselves and others all the good reasons for doing what they are doing, yet they are still going against Gods word. The Lord will not be mocked.

I have been held captive and so has my family. It is by a set of circumstances that the enemy has made but they are all lies. They must be torn down. Lies destroy people and this is what the enemy wants to do. He comes to Rob, Kill, to Destroy. If you are doing any of these things, you are not walking in the spirit of God. Jesus Christ comes to give life and life more abundantly.

This dream is posted if you want to read it. I end up in what looks to be a hotel or a bank. I find that very interesting. I never understood that until now. The hotel I understood because of my job, but not the bank. Now I understand this part of the dream. I also know the man and in this new scenario it is someone else.

I know the brother’s and the one “that fits into the sanctuary, feeling safe and hidden.” This catchphrase indicates that this brother has a ‘false fit.’ He is ‘hiding,’ like Adam did,  from the Lord when he sinned. We shouldn’t feel hidden if we are truly in the sanctuary. The other brother cannot fit at all. He remains outside for a time.

I continue to remember that this dream ends with freedom and restoration for all. This is what the Lord intends for all mankind.

This dream will end with everyone truly, born again and restored to joy, as it says.

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