Ishmael and Isaac-The True Covenant

The Chosen One

The Chosen One

When did all of this trouble begin in the Middle East? It has it’s roots way back in ancient biblical history and we can follow it until the end of the age.

All of this began with the covenant that was made between God and Abraham. The Lord promised Abraham that he would have a son even though his wife Sarah was quite old. She laughed when she heard this showing a lack of faith on her part. The Lord made this covenant after Abraham had passed the ultimate test, of being asked to sacrifice his only son on the altar? (Sound familiar?) God knew that his faith was pure and provided a sacrifice as a substitute and because of Abraham’s great faith he spoke to Abraham telling him that through this son his children would number the sands of the sea and the stars of the sky. Genesis 22) Wow! From being childless to a covenant that had children that could not be counted? How is this possible? Well, we know that this is ‘by faith.'(Romans 4)

Now Sarah doubted God, so she thought He made need a little help in this area. She asked her handmaiden, Hagar to sleep with her husband Abraham to bear a child. This was a common practice to have children, however, God did not speak the promise for Abraham and Hagar. It was meant for Abraham and Sarah and we all know when we get in the way of the Lord, some dire things can happen.

Hagar gave birth to Ishmael. This was exciting for a while until, lo and behold, Sarah found out she was pregnant. Oh-oh…I sense trouble brewing. Now Isaac was born. The true son of covenant.Now the Lord said that although they were half-brother’s, they would always be at war with one another because of this covenant.

As any woman knows, there was going to be trouble between the women and this man. Sarah was fed up with Hagar and told Abraham to send her packing. Now what? Abraham asked the Lord what to do. “Sarah is right,” he told Abraham. “She must go.”

Hagar was sent away and she wept bitterly. She thought that she couldn’t care for him and he was about to die. As she sobbed, the Lord heard her and the angel of God spoke to her. He told her that He was also going to be a great nation. Then, the Lord provided water for the boy and he grew up in the desert.

Isaac’s descendants were the Jews and anyone that “by faith” has placed their faith in messiah, which outnumbers the sand on the seashore and the stars in the sky, fulfilling this great prophesy.

Ishmael was the father of the Arab nations. And as you can see, these two brother’s have a spiritual tie from the beginning. The wars between them have nothing at all to do with land. It is all about the covenant that is between Isaac and God. Ishmael is blessed, however, not the son of covenant. This is the real reason for the raging battles between the Jews and the Arab nations. Although they are brother’s, “they will always be at war with one another.” In the book of Revelation, you will see the culmination of this great war and how the whole world is drawn into it, facing off against, little Israel( Isaac). It will be at this time that the Lord Himself will come down and place his foot on the Mount of Olives, splitting it wide open. And this shall end this battle of Armageddon.

So forget about the oil and the land and any other earthly reason for these struggles. They are spiritual and they will have a powerful, spiritual conclusion, when Messiah returns.

“The Spirit and the Bride say Come!”

That Woman Jezebel

Who is the woman Jezebel? She was an evil woman that controlled her husband the king, Ahab in 1 Kings and because he coveted the property of Naboth, she plotted to get it for him. She  she wrote letters, forged documents, she held a banquet, pretended to be a wonderful woman of honor and Ahab the perfect king. Meanwhile at the banquet they placed two scoundrels next to Ahab and had him falsely accused of cursing both God and the king so that he was guilty of treason. So she basically destroyed his character and made herself look upstanding. She then had him taken outside the city gates and stoned to death. Lying, forgery, nothing bothered the conscience of Jezebel. She was a murderous woman and her covetousness and need for revenge bordered on insanity.

The prophet Elijah was told by the Lord, “now go and speak to Ahab.

I find it interesting that first he asked him the question,”Have you not murdered a man and seized hs property?But he did not wait for his answer, knowing that he would not be honest, he then spoke this is what the Lord says;In the place where dogs licked up Naboth’s blood, dogs will lick up your blood, -yes, yours!

Ahab, said, “so you have found me, my enemy!” “I have found you, he answered, “because you have sold yourself to do evil in the eyes of the Lord. I am going to bring disaster on you.”

Well, this is a story of a man being totally controlled by a woman and now we will skip forward and see what happened to Jezebel.

In verse 23 “and also concerning Jezebel the Lord says; Dogs will devour Jezebel by the wall of Jezreel.”

In Chapter 22:38 you will see that king Ahab meets his own demise in the manner that Elijah has spoken and in 2Kings 30 you will see that Jehu has had Jezebel thrown down from the wall. He says she should have a proper burial since she was the king’s daughter, however the Jezreel dogs have already eaten her, in accordance with Elijah’s words.

Now, I find it interesting that Jezebel makes another appearance in the book of Revelation. So we know that Jezebel is also a spirit that operates through people. A powerful controlling spirit that longs to control men and dominate them. Usurping the authority that has been given to them from the very beginning. The spiritual hierarchy.Yes, there is a government, even in the spirit world and it’s spoken of all through scripture.

God has given a spiritual order and he listed this order in the book of Genesis. When this order is reversed, there are all kinds of problems. There is also a spirit of Ahab. Men that are controlled and abdicate their own God-given authority. My father was one of those men. He allowed this by his own wife until his death and it was a shame. This spirit is a spirit of witchcraft and it controls the mind. Powerful and persuasive, however, the Lord will not tolerate this as he speaks in the book of Revelation.This is the church of Thyatira. (Revelation2;18)

He speaks of prevalent sin within the church and the tendency to tolerate sin and unrighteousness within the church. People who state that God accepts within the church any who commit acts of immoratlity and participate in the worlds evil pleasures. Some in the church will often tolerate such false teaching because of indeifference personal friendhsips or fear of confrontation. God will destroy such oa church, ong with its leaders. (The NIV bible Notes 2)

This is the most dangerous age we are living in and anyone that does not see that they are under the persuasion of this spirit must be in the word of God and reading these passages. Pray that you will not be deceived. Have nothing to do with these things. No woman should be acting on behalf of  her husband or any other man when it comes to legal matters. Reading his mail or signing his name.

God is dealing with this church right now. He is revealing to his prophets and the discipline to this woman Jezebel and Ahab is severe.

There is no excuse, but there is a way out and it is repentance. A person must first recognize they are under this control and turn from this. Only the word of God and it’s truth is the power to convict and show the way.

I Did Not Come To Bring Peace, But A Sword

He brings the sword of truth

He brings the sword of truth

These are the words that our gentle Lord had spoken. That’s right and it is happening to families all over the world. The division is taking place.

No, it isn’t just because a person has acknowledged Jesus Christ as his/her savior, but one of His many names is, the Truth. (Remember, I am the Way, the Truth and the Life?) People will be divided because they are following another gospel other than the gospel of Jesus Christ. He said the “the sum of thy word is truth.” That means all of it.

The words He spoke were, “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. For Ive come to turn “a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law, a man’s enemies will be the members of his own household.(Matthew 10:34)

Why would Jesus speak such words to us? I thought he wanted reconciliation for all. Yes, He does. It is the men and women whose hearts have been hardened by sin that do not. They want to follow part of the word, but the entirety, if it doesn’t fit their agenda. This way they believe they can continue in their darkness and no one will know and God really doesn’t care about that little bit of sin, after all does He?

Well, according to Jesus, that little bit of sin is the “leaven that ruins the whole batch. It’s like being a ‘little bit pregnant.’ It’s just not possible with God. You’re in or you’re out. If you are a believer and you are walking in truth and you have members of your own family that are not, they are convicted by you and this brings the sword that divides. The Lord Himself will not allow it. He wants repentance followed by the “fruit in accordance with repentance.”

In Hebrews it is spoken about this personal apostasy. “It is impossible for those who have once been enlightened who have tasted the heavenly gift, who have shared in the Holy Spirit, who have tasted the goodness of the word of God and the powers of the coming age, if they fall away, to be brought back to repentance, because to their loss they are crucifying the Son of God all over again and subjecting him to public disgrace.”(Hebrews 6:4-6)

There is a major difference between committing sin and habitually sinning. When we repent and keep turning back to the same sins, we are lying to the Holy Spirit. We have to do everything in our power to stay away from all the ungodly influences that are leading us down this road. This is sometimes even family and friends.

When someone comes out of a drug rehab program the first thing they tell them is to cut off all their ties with the enablers. The friends that they had influencing them the family members that caused them to fall. They simply cannot take a chance on allowing these people to bring the harm or even death. Isn’t this more important to our own spiritual lives? And we also have a responsibility to those around us that are unsaved, to reveal truth and walk in truth. If we are partaking in deeds that are corrupt, how are we being an example of the new, regeneration, in Christ? All they see is another church ritual. There’s no salvation in that. It’s actually worse than our former condition. The Lord tells us this. It was better that we did these things without tying the Lord’s name to them. It is the ultimate sin against the Lord. We are committing the acts and leading others down the road with us.

This is where the sword will divide until the end of the age.

The Lord is coming soon and you will see a polarization in place. Everything must be exposed to the light of His truth and this will divide people, yet God will bring His restoration in due time.

He makes a way, where there seems to be no way. This is what I pray for.

A Family Held Captive…in progress

Well, the dreams that we have from the Lord usually have more than one application and I am amazed to find that this one certainly does in my life. I am so grieved right now at what is happening, yet I also know that it is being sifted right through my own Father’s hands before it comes to me and He is also doing a work in those that are seeking to bring me harm. He truly does protect us when we walk in His ways and turn away from all evil. I feel grief for those that the Lord is bringing discipline to as well. I see that they try to seek their own revenge when it is the Lord’s to take and they will only find themselves in a deeper mess.

Now this dream is just the picture of my life. The woman in her bathroom and someone entering in. A picture of a woman with literally no privacy whatsoever. Yes, this has been me and the people that do these things do them because they have so much to fear, that they are always worried about being caught. The Lord shows me everything before it happens. He will do that for anyone that is submitted to the truth. A person walking in deception will not hear from the Holy spirit no matter how much they dress themselves up in church clothes. All they have managed to do is to deceive themselves and this is a very dangerous place to be in at this place in time. It is the apostasy.

We must constantly watch and pray and see that our deeds line up with the word of God. If they do not, then we are being deceived.

It’s amazing how people will try to justify their actions by telling themselves and others all the good reasons for doing what they are doing, yet they are still going against Gods word. The Lord will not be mocked.

I have been held captive and so has my family. It is by a set of circumstances that the enemy has made but they are all lies. They must be torn down. Lies destroy people and this is what the enemy wants to do. He comes to Rob, Kill, to Destroy. If you are doing any of these things, you are not walking in the spirit of God. Jesus Christ comes to give life and life more abundantly.

This dream is posted if you want to read it. I end up in what looks to be a hotel or a bank. I find that very interesting. I never understood that until now. The hotel I understood because of my job, but not the bank. Now I understand this part of the dream. I also know the man and in this new scenario it is someone else.

I know the brother’s and the one “that fits into the sanctuary, feeling safe and hidden.” This catchphrase indicates that this brother has a ‘false fit.’ He is ‘hiding,’ like Adam did,  from the Lord when he sinned. We shouldn’t feel hidden if we are truly in the sanctuary. The other brother cannot fit at all. He remains outside for a time.

I continue to remember that this dream ends with freedom and restoration for all. This is what the Lord intends for all mankind.

This dream will end with everyone truly, born again and restored to joy, as it says.

“In my weakness, His strength is perfected.”

I was looking at my young son today and thinking of his birth 11 years ago. God’s special promise to me.

God told me that I would have a son and after three miscarriages, which are my babies waiting in the Lord’s arms, He chose to send my son. I was serving the Lord and had just reunited a woman with her own father that she had not seen for 15 years. She had aids and he had been so unforgiving to her. He had done time in prison for killing a security guard and was on death row in Texas when they eliminated the death penalty.

She had also been in prison in Florida for killing her own husband when he abused her. She shot him and she told me that when they were taking him out on the gurney, she asked him to  forgive her, and he told her that he loved her, but he died.

Now she was telling me this story on her birthday about her own father, cutting her off. No communication for all these years and all I could think of was, what could be the reason? She told me and it was so ridiculous. I told her that if this was brought to the surface it could only mean one thing, “the Lord was bringing this to the light and He must want reconciliation.”

I decided I was going to track him down. I did find him, living in Odessa, Texas. He was living with his wife, Cheryl’s stepmother. I called Cheryl to tell her and she was so excited to call him. After talking him with him, she called me crying. “Oh my gosh, Carrie! We talked for so long! I told him I want to see him. But that’s the only thing. He said, “I love you Cheryl, but I really can’t see you. I just can never forgive you for what you did to me.

Well, I thought, this is something that God will overcome. I made plans with her to go and see him and we didn’t tell him. I will not tell you all the incredible circumstances, but someone that I had never even met before on my flight said, “Carrie, I know that God is behind this and my husband and I are always blessing ministries. I am going to be on the next trip with you and I want to hear all about this!” She gave me a check for $200. I said, “Wow! This is going to pay for the rental car, since I was getting a difficult time from people about getting a pass to fly this woman out there.

We finally got out there and it was a most miraculous journey. When we arrived he said, “Cheryl, you should have told me you were coming! I just came back from Albuquerque from having chemo treatments. He had half of his liver removed the year before because of cancer. The Lord is always on time.

He wouldn’t allow us into his home at first and we sat on the front porch with him and his wife. I continued to talk with him and at some point he must have felt comfortable and he said, “oh hell, come on in.”

Later his daughter went outside to smoke. He asked how her health was. I told him. “She’s actually pretty good.” Then she came in and what I witnessed a few minutes later was like a scene from a movie. He spoke as if he was dreaming. “You know since I got my cancer, I’ve been watching a lot of Christian television. I don’t know if what I’ve been doing is right or not, but every time I see the part where Jesus is hanging on the cross, I thank Him (and at that point he raised his arms up) for all of the people He died for. I ask Him to forgive them for not  thanking you for that.”

Just then his daughter Cheryl jumped up and said, “oh my gosh daddy, can’t you see? That’s all I want is for you to forgive me?” He hugs her and says, “Oh honey, I forgive you.”

Wow! I never expected it to be like this. I mean it was so unplanned and the spirit of God was so heavy in the room that this mans wife, Wilma didn’t even understand what was happening. I had to laugh at the simplicity of God. He knew this man’s need and he sent someone that was obedient in his daughter’s life and someone that would not be afraid, to come to him.

I spoke this to him as I prayed with him. I said, “Listen Charles, I understand what you did, but don’t you realize that the Lord didn’t do that just for everyone else, but for you as well and if you were the only one in this world He would have still hung from that cross to pay the penalty?

I then related something he could understand. “Charles, it was as if you were on death row and it was your turn in that chair and at the exact moment they were ready to execute you, Jesus Christ stepped in and said, “no, I will take his place.”

No one could have a better example than this man. He lived it. He told me himself that at one point he was cell mates with James Earl Ray and yet, one of the grievous sins that he could not forgive his daughter for, was that she was with a black man. Isn’t life strange?

On my way home, is when I received the message that the Lord had a special blessing for me. I already knew that I had been blessed beyond measure, but my ex-husband told me that he was pretty sure that it was something more.

He was right. I had my son and Charles was so excited to hear when I found out I was pregnant. I was at times afraid that I would lose him as well, but I would not entertain that thought, because I knew I had been obedient and this was a special promise from the Lord.

Right after my son was born, Charles and his wife Wilma talked to us once more and were so excited by his birth. Then, not long after that, Charles went to be with the Lord.

Cheryl called me with the news and she was so upset, yet I reminded her that the Lord had loved her father so much, that He took a total stranger and sent that person to his doorstep to make sure that there was reconciliation. Not just between the daughter and the father, but more importantly, Cheryl’s father and his heavenly Father. This was the most important thing of all. Now the eternal reconciliation is in place.

As I look at my son this day and am under constant attack and feel the enemy trying to deceive and manipulate him, I’m reminded of all of this. The covenant is so important to the Lord and I try to protect him from the attacks that he doesn’t even understand are coming against him. I pray for him constantly and keep remembering that the Lord will guide his steps as he has been promised to God.

As I get weaker and weaker in my fight, the Lord gets stronger. This is His promise. When I am completely beaten down, then I know; the Lord Himself will take a stand against all that would try to come against the plans of the Lord. So right now I am praying as Paul did, “that I would be weak, so that His strength could rest on me.”

My greatest desire is for my son to walk in the calling of God for His life and to have compassion for the ones to whom he is called.

Encourage One Another

When you think you don't have words...

When you think you don't have words...

There is so much power in prayer that I can’t express it even in words.

Today the oppression was so strong. My mind seemed harassed by the enemy. It was full of depression and my body was full of pain. I have a torn rotator cuff in my shoulder and made yet another trip to the hospital to get another doctor to try to help me. I was so depressed to first have to stop and pick up the MRI, which they had lost and they were burning another copy.

By the time I had left my house, I was full of despair. So depressed about so many things that I couldn’t even begin to see through the fog. My thoughts were that I wish the Lord would return right now and take us all home. I long to see my father. Both heavenly and earthly. I’m weary from the battle and tired of the evil. I don’t want to fight it anymore. I just cannot stand one more day of this. I cried out as I was driving. “Where are you Lord?!”

I had to go into the hospital and sit. I sat in the little room and knowing that I no longer have insurance since my company terminated it, I asked about what my plan would be. The nice man told me about the plan and the couple that I met the night before just happened to be part of this plan. I knew that was from the Lord as well. They had told me all about this. Yes, it is quite unjust what has happened to me, but I try not to dwell on it, because then I get so hurt that I start to cry.

Now my arm throbs again and I start to think about my family and what is going on with all of these people and the last days as it applies to this. The Lord says all of this would happen as well. It makes me grieve all over again. I’m sadder than sad. I know only the light can make things better.

A doctor comes in and tells me that this arm requires surgery, but I must go to a doctor to have it done and once again, I must make another appointment to have this done. Since when don’t hospitals do surgery? I’m so sick and tired of all of this. I came to this hospital because its a state hospital with the hopes that I could have this taken care of once and for all. Now all I have is another bill that I can’t afford. They put my arm in a sling and the woman says, “what have you been taking for pain?” I tell her, “well, I had something but I used it up a while ago. Now I got some ibuprofen from someone last night. I try to sleep with my arm up on pillows.” This is all getting to be so exhausting. Now I am close to tears. Some nurse comes and tells me that I am going to need someone to drive me home before I can take this pill. Why? I wonder. I feel as if I’ve already been in the worse train wreck ever. Ok, I put a phone call in to my daughter. “Can you drive me home? I have to take some medicine and my arm is in a sling.” “Of course, she says. ” I keep joking with her that maybe I can get a job where she works as a one-armed dishwasher. Pretty soon it won’t be a joke since I’m almost bankrupt. Although, I doubt even they would hire me.

At any rate, I walk out and sit in the waiting room facing the windows so that I can see when her car drives up. As I am sitting there I remember our earlier conversation. Since I was so depressed she told me that she was tired of some of the things between my ex-husband and me and sometimes wondered if there was even a God. I was shocked. I said, “you of all people, could not think that!” After everything you’ve experienced in your life!”

As I thought of this and the damage done in her life and now my own words spoken in the car earlier, I began to cry. I sat in this seat and didn’t seem to notice anything around me at that moment except that I never felt lonelier and thought this past year of my life has been a living hell and now my children are living it too. Here I am feeling physical pain, no insurance, a company stealing from me, lying to me, people in my own family doing the same thing to me. The loneliest darkest feeling coming over me.

All of a sudden a tall black man slid into the seat beside me and looked over at me. Sunglasses in his hand, he said, “how are you doing?” As tears ran down my face, I said, “What?” He continued, “I feel your pain and you know the Lord told me to come over here and tell you that what you are thinking right now, it’s a lie.” My mouth dropped open in disbelief and I started crying even harder. “Oh my gosh, I said You don’t know how much I needed to hear those words.” “Oh, yes I do, he said. I’ve been sitting over there watching you and the Lord has been telling me to speak to you.”

Right then I opened my purse and showed him my prayer book and my small bible I carry with me and I said, I haven’t been able to even open these up. I haven’t even been able to pray. In fact a little while ago I asked God where He was. I couldn’t feel His presence at all. This man laughed and said, “You know, the Lord knows what we need before we can even ask. He’s our Father. I live way up in Coral Springs and for some reason I ended up coming here today. But I knew there would be someone along the way that the Lord was going to put in my path for a reason.”  I told him that this was incredible that even my daughter had been questioning the very existence of God and my own behavior was such a terrible witness to her and she was just now on her way to pick me up. I couldn’t wait for him to meet her. It’s not that I ever stop being amazed at the things that the Lord does.

As she arrived with my ex-husband and my son and brother, I was so excited for them to meet him. “My name is Melvin, he said, do you want to tell them how we met or shall I? Oh tell them I said”

It was so exciting to tell the story because my daughter was just as excited as she said, “Oh my gosh, I just asked on the way over here, “Where is God?”

Melvin brought his two grown daughters outside and his young son and it was so uplifting and he told me all about his wife and he reminded me that the reason that I am under such attack in my own personal life is because of the strides I am making for the kingdom of God. He said “you are very special to the Lord and the enemy hates this.”

Of course I know this, but we are to remind each other of all of these things and he was a vessel of the Lord to me today. I told him over and over again, “thank you for being faithful and obedient and speaking to me.”  I could have been crying because I was in pain, but the spirit of the Lord revealed to Him that I was having a spiritual battle and as he reminded me, the battleground of the enemy is in our mind.

I always remembered the teachings that I received on the crucifixion and our pastor used to tell us that Christ was crucified on Mount Golgotha, which was in the shape of a skull and it was symbolic of crucifying our thoughts when they enter into our minds.

My son told me that he had been praying for me and this was such a witness to him as well because I told him that I had given Melvin a card that I had in my purse that said, “I cried our to the Lord and he heard my prayer.” I thanked my son for praying for me and told him that prayers really are so powerful and God hears them and sends angels to answer. He told me to take his number in case I ever need to call on him day or night and he will always be available. He loves souls and that is a true servant of the Lord!

Today the Lord sent me an angel and his name is Melvin

The Wheat and the Tares

I spoke with someone the other day and was shocked once again that he would say the things that he had said yet so many years later to make me question his own salvation.

After being in the word of God and in church listening to the teachings out of the same bible that I read, he told me that a woman that we knew had to be a believer because she “listened to Christian tapes and teachings and the word doesn’t return void. At some point, he said, conviction has to fall.” Well, that simply is not true.

Conviction comes from the Holy Spirit and we know that only those that have the Holy Spirit living in them, will be truly convicted as the read and hear the word. Yes, it is true that “God’s word does not return void, but He speaks that it goes out to the ones that are “intended to hear it.”

The Lord is very clear on this point, if your house is swept clean and not filled, then those same spirits that originally abides in that house, will return only seven times worse. We know this to be demonic entities, since we have a human spirit and when He speaks of seven times worse, it must mean that we are filled with other spirits other than our own human spirit. They are allowed to take up residence in us, if we open the door to them. The only thing that keeps this door shut is the blood of Christ covering the doorpost of our hearts.

Now, the baptism is another discussion I had with this man. I told him that I couldn’t believe that he didn’t speak to his loved ones about the need to “repent and be baptised.” The scriptures are clear. Repentance is the first priority. There is no reversing the order in this exercise or it is a futile endeavor.

John the Baptist lost his head because of his refusal to back down. He looked right at Herod as he passed by in his chariot with his adulterous woman and stated, “you need to repent! You are sleeping with your brother’s wife!” I’m sure that did not go over too well and eventually this same woman plotted to have his head on a platter for a birthday gift.

I feel the same thing happening to me because I love these people in my life and am in great fear of what is about to come upon this earth. I have grief for their souls and they are once again hiding in the church and when the Lord returns they will not be in the place of favor. Yet when I try to tell them the truth, it is turned around that I am saying this because I have bitterness and anger.

This is simply not true. I have a sense of urgency as I look upon this earth and fear what is about to be the final harvest. The Lord shows me things that I have known since I was young. Then enemy of mankind tries to stop the people of God from speaking the truth, but we are not to back down because it is an incovenient truth. The suffering for the gospel has always been known.

You can listen to all the tapes you want, and carry your bible and go to church, but if your still lying then how is that lining up with the word of God. The Lord says that “a mans heart is wicked and deceitful above all things, who can know it?” So you see, even your own heart can lie to you. Only the word of God can be your barometer to guide you. This is why you must line everything up to His word.

If you state that you are walking in His word, yet you are still lying about things in your life, then the truth is not in you. One of the Lords names is The Truth. He says that if we know Him, we will be like Him. Our waist should be buckled with the belt of truth.

Now how are we to be a witness to those around us that do not know Christ if we are not walking in truth? They are not accountable if they don’t know the truth, however, if we say we know the truth and do not do what the word says, then we are held accountable.

The Lord tells us the story of the last days when the final harvest is gathered up into bundles. He speaks of the wheat and the tares growing together. He allows them to grow together, undisturbed. The difference between wheat and tares is basically nothing by appearance. But the tares do not produce fruit. They are useless.

On this last day they shall be pulled up from the roots and bundled up and thrown into the fire. My question has always been; do you think that the tares know that they are tares? Or are they so self-deceived that they also think they are the wheat? I’ve tried to witness to this man that seems to keep returning to the darkness and I can’t seem to get through to him. I am shocked more today at his response than I have ever been before. He should know more now about the Lord than he did 20 years ago and now he is leading others down the same road of destruction.

All I can say as a reminder is that Christ told us to be very careful. Ravenous wolves have entered amoung the sheep. And Satan himself appears as an angel of light in order to deceive.

If Judas was in the very first church, then it makes sense that their will be many Judas’s in the very last church and only the wheat will be able to distinguish them from the rest. We must be on our guard as scripture clearly told us. They come to pervert the gospel for their own lusts and they are destructive, divisive and cruel.They should be winning souls to Christ, but instead they are robbing, killing, destroying, gossiping, slandering and keeping the very people that need to know Christ from entering in.

My only prayer is that they may see the error of their ways before they take their last breath or the Lord returns. I know the time is short and I must be about my Father’s business. There is a difference between speaking the truth and turning someone from there sin and trying to destroy someone out of evil motivation. For this we will all give account to be sure.

Always look to the last days for your reference in the bible, because my friends, we are truly in them, whether you want to believe it or not. I have studied this long enough to know. The message has always been the same and as I have said many times in the last book of Malachi the spirit of John the Baptist is on the earth today, through the Lord’s people and he is speaking the same message, “repent and turn to the Lord, for the kingdom of God is at hand!”

For those who would try to discredit me or this message, you will stand before the Lord and give account, not before me. I don’t speak this message because of malice, but my compulsion to do so and if you feel anger, then let it be anger to turn away from what you are doing that grieves the Holy Spirit, just as I did in my own life.

“For we all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, but are justified freely by the grace brought by Jesus Christ. (Romans 3:23)

This is the grace offered to all of us through the attonement of the cross. It’s up to each of us to accept it and then to stay filled, by our witness and walking in truth and our witness. Remember the Holy Spirit was given to us for us to be witnesses and it is one of the signs that we are filled with His power. If we are not overcoming sin and it’s stronghold in our life, we must question where we are standing when the final curtain is drawn to a close.

I just told my son after going to church that I wanted to show him the difference between going to church and being the church After we left we headed down the street to a ministry that I had to people with aids. We visited with some people in the house they lived in and he saw a man that we had known and he drew him a picture and it was so sweet. Then as we passed a young woman said, “don’t smoke in front of those people, they’re church people.” I thought this humorous, since nothing we had was pointing to us being church people. No bibles, no robes. Just average woman, little boy and my special needs brother. I pointed this out to my son. I said this was funny that she should make this remark and that the Lord would not care about this. Yet she had to see something spritual. I thought of how the Lord said, “it is not the outside of a cup that makes one dirty.” This woman may have been cleaner on the inside than many in the church that I had just come from. The respect she had for the spirit of the Lord, made me take pause. How many people are like that inside the church?

When the demon possessed man ran to Jesus, it stated that the demons cried out, “have you come to torment us before our time?” We know that demon have no desire to run to Jesus, but away from Him. So it was the man that ran to Him, but the demon in him cried out. They were tormented at His sight. They begged Jesus to send them anywhere else and he did. Into a group of pigs that ran off the side of a mountain and drown. The man was finally free.

These people are all begging for freedom and it comes in the name of the Lord. I then asked my son, “Do you think it would be easier to get these people into a car and bring them to a church, or to come in here and speak to them about what the Lord has done for them?” Of course I knew the answer. And then I said, And when you read the bible, where do you think you will find Jesus spent most of His time? In the temple, or in places like this?

This is exactly where Jesus was. You would find him in fellowship with these people and they would cry out to Him for help. When He entered the temple, He was usually persecuted by His own people because they were competing for their knowledge of the Law and they never got beyond those walls to let others know there was freedom in the Messiah.

So now we know, truth, who is Jesus, is freedom and unless you are walking in truth, you really cannot be free. You cannot have it both ways. You can’t be living a lie and walking in truth. In these last days, as we enter a critical stage of history, God demands total honesty and truth and he wants us to be free so that Satan has no power over our lives.

“The one that the Son sets free, is free indeed.”

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