The only adviser that I am is for the Lord!

One of the Lord's many names...The Counselor

One of the Lord's many names...The Counselor

Well, I was deeply saddened to find that someone that I had only known superficially online, had linked me to his blog as one of his “top adviser.” When I took a look at his blog I was horrified. It was full of things that I won’t mention and would never “advise anyone about.” I cannot believe how easy it is to insert a persons name into a blogroll and name them as your personal adviser in something that you do not participate in. If the blog was about just spirituality, as stated, I could agree, but it is not. The implications are clear.

All I could wonder is why in the world would this man do this? Except that I had stopped communicating with him quite some time ago and had never seen this side of him. I actually should have expected this. The Lord tells us that to “have nothing to do with this.” As we draw closer to the end the “light will get brighter as the dark gets darker.”

If this man or anyone else wants my advice it is, escape out of the snare of the enemy that is holding them captive to do his will, and turn to Christ. He is the one who will give them what they need and the freedom from bondage that they are seeking.

Those speaking anything else about me are bearing false witness and they are full of lies. The Lord also speaks of this in the last days. “Slanderous and full of lies, hating their parents, boastful and proud, lovers of self instead of lovers of God. Have nothing to do with them.”

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