A Family Held Captive(Starting Over)

I can’t believe it. I actually had to find out that I was being stonewalled and then when I was searching online, there it was..

Oh, I’m sure none of this mail is getting out or my blog being read except by whomever is chosen. It is the reason for the title of this dream. I am captive in my own home, so to speak. And so will any American citizen be if the government employs this tactic. It’s something that not very many Americans are too educated about and they’d better catch up, because it seems that corporations and corrupt government uses this tactic to suppress whistleblowers with frequency and you may be the target and not even know it. It’s called the Patriot Act. This allows government to wire tap without a warrant and even to  allow law enforcement to enter your home and rifle through your belongings.Think it can’t happen to you? Think again. Statistics prove otherwise.

If  you have reported something that involves safety and they decide to turn the tables, you may be the target. Now legal hands are tied and there’s a gag order in place and attorneys mouths are shut and the justice you are seeking is out of reach.

Remember in the dream, when I was in my bathroom and someone came in to hand me a check? This meant  the invasion of privacy that was part of the dream. I had no idea until I read about this Act. Everything started to unfold. All of the incidents that I had experienced over time and the reason that legal channels were literally blocked.I t seemed that some people even knew that I as coming to see them before I arrived and what I was going to speak to them about, hence wire tapping. I’ve seen people from the phone company coming from the side of my house repeatedly, without my calling for service and they hurriedly leave when I spot them without explanation. I’ve caught a person , digging through my trash and numerous other incidents in the past years, since I reported this incident.Bizarre, yet I believe they are   all related to this act and when you read about this you Patriot Act, you will see how any normal, law abiding citizen can literally be robbed of any or all of their rights in any given day and what I am sharing will not sound so bizarre to you.

Please do yourself a favor and look up this act and see how it can affect your life. Not since Adolph Hitler or Julius Cesar have we lost so much in our lives. This is a complete travesty of the justice system and I’m shocked that we, as Americans have been asleep at the wheel, as this has transpired. It has taken me this long to connect the dots and realize that it is probably this Act, that is probably what these rogue corporations are probably using to engage in illegal activities along with corrupt government. Whoa to anyone that figures this out. It has been a nightmare for me. A long road of suffering and leading all the way to the top as the Lord told me it would But remember also, in the dream, it leaves with freedom in the end.

It cannot continue forever, however, since even government can be exposed for this blatant abuse of power.The Lord Himself revealed this to me as I was searching. It says in His word that the Holy Spirit reveals all truth to believers. Everything started to make sense as I looked back at what had been happening to me. This would seem a powerful tool in the hands of the wrong people and used for the wrong purposes.

Every American has a right to justice and this is the reason that we have laws in place to protect our freedoms. It separates us from rogue nations.An alleged attorney called me today, claiming to be from some firm that is supposed to protect these freedoms, however, I didn’t really believe he was who he had claimed to be, since he seemed to be mining me for information. He started out by calling which the website clearly stated they would not do. They specifically stated everything was to be by us mail. This was the first indication that this man was false. He also did not seem to have a clue about my letters and was asking me about what they said. Then he told me “the case is too big.”  Hey, what attorney would have such a problem?

Then, just like the others, he would ask, why I would have knowledge of these things if this happened at the top and I was a flight attendant? At this I just want to laugh. Men just don’t understand how God works or they would have stopped harassing me a long time ago and used me for counsel, since I get my advice directly from the Lord. I’m not trying to bring destruction, but restoration.

Now look at the mess they’re in. And it just keeps getting worse.You can’t spy on the Lords servants and expect to find out how they’re getting their information. We tap into the spirit of God. If you want to know how we find out what’s happening, get on your knees and ask Him yourself! But you need to stop treating me like I’m the criminal. The righteous ones are not the ones that are bringing this country to ruin. We are the ones trying to turn the hearts back to the Lord so that He can bless this country.

If you bless me, you will be blessed. It’s as simple as that. It is my hidden name. The name of all of His chosen ones. If you curse me, you will be bringing a curse upon yourself.

You have been looking at my natural station in life and not my calling.

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

Thank you to all of our servicemen and women!

Thank you to all of our servicemen and women!

Oh,oh…I’m blinking my eyes and I am seeing it again. My rights are just being stripped away from me.

I received an email telling me that my own email is being read and I am being monitored constantly. Which begs the question…why????Is someone afraid of something?

How is someone getting my mail if not illegally? How are they getting my phone messages and other messages and what would anyone be worried about if they are not doing something wrong?

Once again, Americans are losing the freedoms that their forefathers shed blood for, only to have those that are corrupting the system to bully the others into being afraid as if they are to be afraid of speaking about something. Its  always the victim that is being threatened not to speak, isn’t it? Because those in darkness fear discovery, but that’s not what the Lord tells us. He tells us clearly, expose the deeds of darkness to the light. “Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.”(Ephesians 5:11)This way we can allow Christ to rein in our lives and give us victory over sin.

Corruption will destroy everything as we can see from our environment. It starts on a personal level and begins to snowball until it grows to a much grander scale.

This is why our country was founded on these Godly principles to stand on the freedoms that we enjoy. We were not to bully and threaten citizens into submission. Yet it is happening. Americans are being told to be quiet about crimes and they are being bankrupted into submission. This country that has employed us and the officers that we have elected have turned around and violated our privacy and abused our own privileges because we have refused to go along with the same program as the rest of the masses.

Didn’t our Lord also say that this would happen in the last days? Unethical people are telling us how to behave in an ethical manner. Trying to give us moral absolutes in an absolutely immoral society.  If  God is not the very head of all, then what value can be placed in any ethical behavior at all? It’s pointless, because there is no moral compass. Truth is not relative to each person. He must be the one that all of us give account to first. Our forefathers knew this. You cannot read any of  those early documents without mention of God and yet, now men have been striving to remove His name from everything and we see how much we are paying the price for that as well.

He tells us in Malachi 3 about the Lord’s day of judgment. He has grown weary and He speaks about those who have defrauded the laborers of their wages, and those perjurers, and those who deprive people of justice, oppress the widows and the fatherless.

Yes, a very powerful event. This is actually the last book of the Old Testament. This speaks of the Covenant and the days before the second coming of Christ. I believe we are witnessing those days right now and when you read about this all through scripture it is always referred to as, The Great and Terrible Day of the Lord.

Why is that? How can it be both great and terrible? Well the answer is really quite simple. For those that are in Christ it is Great, but for those that are not, it will be terrible. They must give account for all of those things that have been spoken of. When he says, he has grown weary, it is because He is allowing so much time for repentance. He allowed the thieves on the cross their last breaths. No one knows if a person has repented at that last moment, however, to continue in this darkness is taking quite a chance.There is a difference between sinning, which we all do, and habitual sin, which is a conscious choice you’re making. We all know the difference.God told us that He has “written the laws upon every mans hearts

The biggest risk is that, sin hardens the heart. There is a point that there is no turning back. He turns us over to a reprobate mind.”In the end they exchanged the truth of God for a lie, so He turned them over to a depraved mind.” (Romans 1:21-31)

I grieve every time I deal with someone like this in my life. I don’t want to believe that someone can be like this, but the Word tells us that they exist and we are to have nothing to do with them.

But to those who want to know the truth, we hold out the cup of water. It isn’t for everyone, but for those who are parched and wish a drink from the well. They are the ones that will turn from darkness to the light.

We all were at one time in darkness. The Lord reminds us of that and also tells us to share what we have. To be a “light on the hill.  The light always penetrates the darkness, and it will never, ever be the other way around.

We have a God-given right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, because Jesus Christ has already told us that it is “the thief that comes to rob, to steal, to destroy, but He comes to give us life and life more abundantly.” If someone is stealing your liberty, or threatening and bullying you…then you can be certain, that this is NOT something that our God approves of.

As you commence the 4th of July celebration, remember, the blood that was shed on this soil to make these freedoms possible for you and most of all remember the blood shed on the cross that our founding fathers had placed their faith in when they pledged allegiance together in unity and wanted all of us to celebrate our freedom as One Nation Under God, With Liberty and Justice For ALL!!!

Happy Father’s Day

I would love to say this to my own father right now, but he’s gone. If I could have been able to witness to him about the trials that I was about to experience and the saving power of Jesus Christ, perhaps he would have heard me before our last haunting conversation.

The smell of his Old Spice aftershave still lingers and that kiss. Always longing to be able to go back to that one square of pavement and one moment in time and speak the words that would offer life. Knowing his intentions but not being able to stop him. What could I say to change his mind? A company that forced him into early retirement. Corruption from the very top.

What union protection? That was a joke. I am dealing with identical circumstances and the Lord has allowed all of this for His purposes. My eyes have been opened wide. My poor father. His company did what comes natural. Greed. The union of corruption continued unchecked. The ones that were supposed to represent him. The always think that they are the ones hidden, but they’re not.

I was looking at the note he had given me when I was coming down to Miami for my job with Eastern Airlines. Just a short note, but he was so proud. “Carrie Honey, Congratulation on your new job. I am very proud and happy for you. I love you dearly little one. I know you will do good. Love, Dad

Well, I have done good. I have done what was right. But we know that it is not rewarded by those in darkness.

My wings were pinned on by Frank Borman and the airline I proudly served, destroyed at the hands of Frank Lorenzo, right before my father took his own life. Since his company was destroyed by the same corruption. All I ever wanted was integrity and protection that I and the traveling public are entitled to and now that I’ve defended my own rights and the rights of my colleagues, I am also being treated as if I’ve done something terrible.

As I read the paper the other day and accolades were given to some flight attendants for recognizing a safety issue, I began to cry, This is how it should be. When corruption doesn’t creep in.I wondered, what would my father think now? How sad he would be to know that what he had placed his trust in, was a big scam. In my father’s day, the unions were the voice of the working class. But it is plain to see that they did nothing for him. And in my case the silence is deafening. The fact that my father could have been subjected to this shows complicity and there’s not doubt about this.

Yes, unions are definitely ruining this country and corporations. They hold them hostage and point the finger at management for their greed, while all along hiding behind their own extortion. They are ravenous wolves. They make the ones running corporations complicit in their acts, because whether the company exists or not, the unions continue. a separate entity, corrupt and vile. Terrorizing everyone and dismantling the whole justice system, circumventing laws to manipulate the course of justice for Americans.

But the government is going to be changed, because the “government is upon His shoulders.” It has become corrupted beyond repair and it’s almost time for the Head to return. Then we shall see the folly of these men and their ways.

The Lord commands the people of integrity to take a stand. These thugs continue to threaten and bully everyone and circumvent true justice to their own benefits until no one has any rights at all.

It has happened in my own job. There is nothing left as far as rights are concerned and they have the work force focusing on nonsense  rather than the real issues, so that they can continue in darkness.

The Lord knows that we started out with sin and it’s only by acknowledging our need of Him, that we will be free and escape this need for greed and take our stand.That is true freedom.

The true Father is the one to make all things right and He will. If you are a father, remember, your children are watching you. Walk upright with integrity. My father did not have wealth or fortune. He liked to drink, but he was a hardworking man. He did what was right and he didn’t lie.

On my wedding day I picked him up in my limo and he gabbed my hands and said, “honey, I just want you to know, I didn’t have a drink all night, and I don’t intend to drink at your wedding. I will not ruin your day.” I couldn’t remember days when I was young, that my fahter didn’t show up at my christian school plays, or church and make loud comments, “that’s my daughter!” Yelling out or at my brother and embarassing us because of drunken behavior. But this was the biggest sacrifice that my father could make. An alcoholic since he was 13 and never missing a drink except when he went to work, I knew that this was a big deal. I will never forget this. I would have wanted a drink, since all of my mother’s family was at the wedding and he had a lot of pressure.

Yes, as amusing as it is to some, that was a sacrificial act of love from my father, that I will never forget.

He took his integrity to his grave. This man never, lied, stole or cheated anyone. This is what I know about my father and this is part of what has shaped me. He would have told me that he’s proud of me for being the fighter that I am. “That’s the Irish in you!” That’s what he’d probably say, as that is what he was most proud of. But my father would not have joined in with these mobsters no matter how much they would have offered, because he was an honorable man.

So, they took everything else., from my father, and now from me…but as the Lord says, “so do not be afraid of them. There is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known. What I tell you in the dark, speak in the daylight; what is whispered in your ear, proclaim from the roofs. Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell. (Matthew10:26-28)

And finally a warning and an exhortation for us all. The spirit of Elijah is on the earth right now. You may have the discernment to know who Elijah is and hear his voice, but he speaks the same message.

In Malachi4:5″See, I will send you the prophet Elijah before that great and dreadful day of the Lord comes. He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to the fathers, or I will come and strike the land with a curse. I am wondering about this passage.Our land  is now so far from the Lord.

I tend to think of missile strike and North Korea comes to mind. The Lord has been giving me many visions concerning these things and repentance is the way back to the Lord, not out of fear, but love.

Turn to the Lord this is the way to the Father, through the Son.(John 14:6)

“The Purpose Driven Life”

We are but the clay, and He is the potter.

We are but the clay, and He is the potter.

Yes, all the suffering, the molding, the shaping and in the end the furnace of affliction This is to make us the end product, the finished piece of art that the Master has created. Yet during the whole process we ask, why? Why must I suffer so much? We don’t see it. We don’t see the end to the beginning, as the potter does. The creative process and know what only He has in store for this lump of clay. Am I to be a vessel of honor for His use?

“Does the clay say to the potter, what are you making?”(Isaiah 45:9) Yet, we do this on a daily basis. But we must look and wonder at it all in amazement as I am now.

I am in the spiritual battle of my life and look at my past. Dreams that I had since I was quite young. Always knowing that I had a unique calling, yet not quite understanding it. I had an understanding of the end times before I ever read the words in scripture because of the dreams given to me and even in my own personal life.

The darkness that I’ve been up against. It is not just an earthly fight we are in and it is a terribly difficult thing that most men will never understand. Some men will go through their lives with only a natural understanding of things, even though they have a spirit. They will never know how to war against these spirits. The battle has already been lost.

As long as they don’t believe, these men will mock the true believers, yet they are the ones that run and hide when the true battle lines are drawn.They fear the toothless lions. They are not the lion of Judah. The King of Kings.My favorite scripture, “the wicked flee though no man pursues them, yet the righteous are as bold as a lion!” It’s a spiritual truth. Those that are in darkness will always hide. They never confront. They are cowards afraid of truth. The righteous ones have no need to hide, therefore, they will confront the darkness with honor and integrity. They have no fear, because the Lord is their strength.”If the Lord is for me, who can stand against me?”

Now I have been battling, and the Lord is my guide against these foul spirits and He has told me that an end will come soon. He will align me with someone that will represent Himself. A picture of David in scripture. He was a picture of the Lord. A man that was not afraid of Goliath, although all of the warriors of Israel were afraid.

I thought I had seen him many times but I was wrong. All of them afraid of the little dragon, pretending to roar.Some of them too arrogant to be the one chosen. One man was so arrogant and such a bully, that I knew he was the exact opposite of what God would have wanted in His plan. “God is opposed to the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” I always considered the choice of David in the plan and this man was immediately exempted.

The one thing I know is that many men live out their lives and have fulfilling careers, they have reached the pinnacle of power, amassed great fortunes and fame, but only a small amount in this life can actually attest to the fact that they have fulfilled their destiny.

Even when the Lord chose His disciples, He actually had chosen hundreds.(John 6:53) That’s right, a lot of people think about the 12, but they don’t know about all of them that left after thinking Jesus was a lunatic asking them to become cannibals.When He began speaking about the eating of His body and drinking of His blood, they immediately thought Him to be speaking in literal terms once again, rather than spiritual, which is where everyone seemed to get hung up.  Jesus always spoke in spiritual terms when addressing people. This is what divided the masses and He was left with the remnant. No doubt this is what is being spoken about me and many other believers as the dark forces come against us.

The fact of the matter is, “many are called, few are chosen.” As I said before and I will say it again, when I have made decisions in my life that all of the other sheep have not made, I always take the narrow road, the road that does not lead to destruction. You can choose to go the other way if you’d like, but I follow Christ. So if you want the narrow way, “imitate me as I imitate Christ.” It is the way that lead to eternal life. Yes, the enemy makes it seems as if it is destructive, for a short time, but his is the one that leads to destruction.

Now, the Lord has spoken very clearly to me. I have all of His power behind me and the gates of hell shall not prevail against me. This is why the enemy is running scared. Whoever the Lord partners with me in my quest for truth, shall not fail.

The hand of God is with him and they shall succeed at whatever they do. They will fulfill the destiny that God has mapped out for them because the Bible is a loop of history and I know my role and the role of the one who has been called. Of course the most important strategy of the enemy of your soul is that you never understand or realize your destiny.

I have been knocking, seeking, and asking, and waiting patiently as the Lord waits to reveal who David is to me. I do know that when Samuel went to Jesse’s house to anoint him, he did not find him among any of his sons, but out with the sheep, doing the work of a true shepherd and this man will not look the part. As the Lord told Samuel, “Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” David was in the fields, getting his hands dirty, yet he was anointed to rule as king. He never flaunted his credentials. He spent time with the sheep, protecting them and later he did the same thing in the army and with the people. A true picture of Christ.

Blessed is the one who answers the calling and destiny that the Lord has for his life! He will succeed in everything he does and the Lord will uncover everything that has been hidden and nothing can stand against him! He’s part of this plan to set the captives free!

Don’t link my blogs to your obscenities!

Autumn trees without fruit (Jude)

Autumn trees without fruit (Jude)

Once again, my blog has been tagged to the most vile obscenities and all I can say is, the Lord is validating His truth. His Word. His Name. He is Almighty.

His name is above every name, or why would someone do something so vile as to even change my tags and suggest that my blog is linked to something so disgusting? Well, all I can say to that is what Paul himself said, “I shall be all things to all men in order to draw them to Christ!” Thank you wicked spirits. You shall be your own undoing. Have you still no understanding of what the Lord accomplished on the cross? I am and will always be amazed at the perfection of the plan and Satan will always be furious about the defeat that left him outsmarted until he is left with his wicked spirits thrown down, once again, at the final battle.

Thinking he had the final say with the betrayal, didn’t he think that Judas played right into his wicked hands and the hurt caused by Jesus sorrow made him and all of his wicked hosts shout with glee? As Christs own mother and Mary Magdalene watched with horror to see the his being beaten beyond human recognition, beard torn from his own face, (yes, that’s what it says folks) flesh torn from his back, just for our us, (Isaiah 54)  must have made the devil think he had indeed won the war.

To know that the very disciples that Jesus had chosen had all but run away in fear and everyone spit on him and the very ones, that he was dying for. Yet, they were only men.

His own mother had to watch and His father in heaven had to turn away from Him because He bore the sin of us all upon His shoulders. Even in this loneliest hour of abandonment, yet He prayed for our forgiveness. Amazing grace. How could He do it? How could we deserve it? But that’s just what grace is, isn’t it? Undeserving. We could not possibly earn it.

Now, the Lord uttered those words, “it is finished.” What did He mean?” Do you really think His death was final? Satan knew that it was not and he had truly been outsmarted. How could he possibly think that He could outsmart the one that had created Him?

Well the answer to that is very simple. Pride Satan made his announcement to ascend to the highest point in heaven, in Isaiah. You can see the five “I wills” if you choose to study in this book.Pride is blinding.

It has been debated, however, I am pretty convinced and when he made his final claim to fame, “I will ascend Higher than God,” that sealed the deal. He was thrown down, along with a third of the angels that follow foolish ways.

Study and show yourselves approved by God. We are entering perilous times. The ones that are linking their blogs and websites to mine are of the same wicked spirits. You don’t have to be a devil worshipper to rebel against God, just exerting your own will. This is what is stated in the Satanic Bible by Anton Levy, (“Do as thou wilt, is the whole of the law”) That is the same lie that Satan told Eve in the Garden of Eden.All he did was plant a seed of doubt about God’s word in Eves mind and she in turn planted this in Adams mind and they “exerted their will over God’s will,” thereby sinning against Him and breaking fellowship.

Now the Lord told us that a tree is known by it’s fruit and these trees that do not bear fruit are like autumn trees without fruit.(Jude4) As I stated before sitting in a church pew is meaningless and many people have never stepped foot in a church and have more fruit in accordance with God’s word than a person sitting in a pew every Sunday. You can see from the accounts of Christ in the temple that he had more problems with the Sadducees and Pharisees and their brand of legalism than from the sinners that he spent time with outside the temple.

However, this is not a license to sin. He merely was showing the contrast and that the people recognized their need of salvation. He spoke very clearly that it was the sick that needed the doctor and those that thought they were healthy, were indeed, the sickest of all, however, they rejected the only salvation that could be offered. Blind, poor, and sick. He was exasperated at their need for Him, yet they would not have Him.He looked over the nation of Israel and cried out, “how I have longed to gather you as a hen gather’s her chicks, but you will not have me.”

Now, the history is drawing closer to the return. The same things would be upon this earth. “Like the days of Noah.” Evil would be called good and good would be called evil. It’s happening. I’m longing for the righteous judge to make His appearance, but yet, I am also afraid, because so many are yet in the valley of decision. I know that he says, “The ax is already at the root of the trees, and every tree that does not produce good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire.”

Thank God that His unconditional love is also blind or mankind would be in some kind of a mess with no hope. But we do have hope and His name is Jesus Christ, “The Way, The Truth and The Life…now get ready to enter in…there isn’t much time!

Contend for the Faith

I recently visited a blog and was astounded at the responses that were elicited by this mans comments that he had “lost his religion.”

He gave his top 20 reasons for leaving, which were all justifications for his non belief. Of course a firestorm of response was forthcoming. I was shocked and it only confirmed to me the power of Christ’s name. The Lord states that “His name is above every name.” No other name will ever draw this kind of response, negative or positive, but the name of Jesus Christ. Just the fact that His name is still in existence, should validate the fact that He is who He claims to be. The beginning and the end. “His kingdom shall have no end.”

There is only one messiah and one way, though many have claimed to be, ‘the one.’ God gave specific signs to mankind and His word, authored by His spirit, so that we would know, who He is. I’m sure our God, who created us, is not so wimpy that He could not also be the perfect editor, to make sure that His book was perfectly written, so that it was handed down through the generations, to point to our messiah and we would know who this one is. If we our confused, the problem is not with God, then it is with us. The biggest problem is that we our always trying to find the loophole.

Just read the first part of Jude. He tells us to “contend for the faith. For certain men whose condemnation was written about long ago have secretly slipped in among you. They are godless men, who change the grace of our God into a license for immorality and deny Jesus Christ our only Sovereign and Lord.” (v4)

This is the blog link if you’d like to read his reasons for “leaving his religion” and this is my response. Perhaps you will agree with him or  maybe the Lord will pierce your heart and cause you to seek the Truth like He di with me and show me that life is not an end and it is extremely important to find out now. Don’t leave anything to chance.


Santo Jude said 4 days ago:


You said 4 days ago:

Hello Be,
In response to your post. I too had lost my religion at one time and returned. This is why God is such a loving God and not the wrathful God that you think He is. We are the ones that are the “prodigal sons and daughters.” You may want to revisit your ideas once again and search for truth.
He tells us that “when we search for Him with all of our hearts, He will be found by us.”
“Imaginary” or not, as you believe, when we die, it’s important enough for you to find out what comes next.
You found it important enough to follow something for most of your life.
Jesus, did fulfill every prophesy ever written. Look at what the prphet Isaiah had written, approximately 500 years before Jesus arrived, in Isaiah 54. Everything he spoke about the coming messiah, Jesus had fulfilled and this was to point to the messiah, so that the nation of Israel knew that this was their messiah. Only a remnant would truly know this, since so many people would have passed through claiming to be ‘th one.’ Just as we have those today. This is why God wants us to search for Him and to worship Him ‘In spirit and in truth.”
Christians “do not walk around with the weight of guilt.” We walk around with the conviction of the Holy Spirit and this is what keeps us in check. There is a big difference.
It is the people that are not in Christ that walk around in guilt, because they have nothing to guide them. A ship without a rudder.
The Holy Spirit is the only one that restrains man from evil in this world.
You are not the only one to question the methods of God and truth does not change, just because man decides to question it’s authenticity.
God is who He says He is, He does not change.
When I decided to ask questions, I read books and searched for answers. Each time I came up empty. Nothing offered a hope of redemption for mankind and it was a sad ending.
One day I turned on the television and heard a man speaking by the name of Josh McDowell. He was an attorney that stated, he had decided to write a book to disprove the resurrection. He wanted to finally put this to rest. He assumed that you could prove that this never happened in a court of law.
Well, as you can imagine, this man became a believer. He was so amazed by the amount of evidence to support the claims of Jesus Christ, that in a court, he could be tried and convicted, of dying and resurrecting from the dead.
After, collecting all of his evidence, he wrote two books, Evidence That Demands A Verdict.
I ran out and bought the books. Needless to say. I didn’t have to have to get through the first book, to find that what I had heard as a child in Sunday school, was true, and I was amazed by the simplicity of it all!
I pray that you will find the truth as well and see the Lord as I did, as a loving God with His arms, opened wide, waiting for you to return.
Not a God that is waiting for us to screw up and punish us. His blood was shed for us so that we could be forgiven and enter into a relationship. Don’t run from Him, but to Him. He’s waiting for you.


The only adviser that I am is for the Lord!

One of the Lord's many names...The Counselor

One of the Lord's many names...The Counselor

Well, I was deeply saddened to find that someone that I had only known superficially online, had linked me to his blog as one of his “top adviser.” When I took a look at his blog I was horrified. It was full of things that I won’t mention and would never “advise anyone about.” I cannot believe how easy it is to insert a persons name into a blogroll and name them as your personal adviser in something that you do not participate in. If the blog was about just spirituality, as stated, I could agree, but it is not. The implications are clear.

All I could wonder is why in the world would this man do this? Except that I had stopped communicating with him quite some time ago and had never seen this side of him. I actually should have expected this. The Lord tells us that to “have nothing to do with this.” As we draw closer to the end the “light will get brighter as the dark gets darker.”

If this man or anyone else wants my advice it is, escape out of the snare of the enemy that is holding them captive to do his will, and turn to Christ. He is the one who will give them what they need and the freedom from bondage that they are seeking.

Those speaking anything else about me are bearing false witness and they are full of lies. The Lord also speaks of this in the last days. “Slanderous and full of lies, hating their parents, boastful and proud, lovers of self instead of lovers of God. Have nothing to do with them.”

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