You Belong In Hollywood!

Yes, it stunned the audience. Why human beings always judge by appearances is beyond human comprehension.The Lord loves to surprise man.

When choosing His anointed, He always chose the ones least expected. David was not even in the midst of the sons. He was shepherding the sheep when the prophet was looking for the anointed one. “Do you have another son?” “Yes, but he is with the sheep.”

Who would have thought that he would have been the one to slay the giant? What did the prophet say? “Man judges by outward appearance, but God judges the heart.”

I always remember when I used to take the bus from downtown Milwaukee to my home. I lived in the inner city. However, I had the opposite problem than most, I guess. Almost reverse racism and I didn’t mind. But it was somewhat humorous. I would get on the bus and sit.

One night as I sat waiting, a guy sat behind me and began his taunts. “Say baby. I said, say baby! You should be in Hollywood! Where are you going at this time at the night? I know you don’t live around here!”

As I continued to ride and ignore as I knew how to do, I listened to this fool go on and on with his nonsense. Then he said, “Say, Hollywood, you must live in River Hills. What you doing on this bus?” At that I had to laugh. River Hills was a ride north and a very nice suburb. My aunt lived there and if you could afford to live there you certainly wouldn’t be riding the bus.

I finally reached my stop at Teutonia Avenue and as I pulled the cord and started to rise, I heard him in a startled voice yell out, “oh no! I know you don’t live in this neighborhood! I turned and smiled as I walked to the door. As it turned out, he had a ride further north which could only mean he lived in a nicer neighborhood than I did.

Now all I could do was laugh when I walked into my house as I thought of that dude and how he judged me. Yes, I looked like I was some girl with money from the suburbs. Why? I have no idea. However, it was a conclusion he had already made from the minute he laid eyes on me.

God is the one that blesses us with certain things, however, if I had my choice it will always be to be blessed with a kind heart. Just as everyone in the audience with Susan Boyle prejudged her, the minute she opened her mouth, an angel sang and dispelled all of their judgement. This is love.

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