Invest In What Thieves Cannot Steal


There's a scam artist for every new day

There's a scam artist for every new day

Yes, the greed of man. It knows no limits. But is Madoff that much different than man others? He wasn’t that much different than the people that turned a blind eye to his ways. And some that even said, “they knew he was cheating and that’s why they invested with him.” Now I’m not saying everyone was greedy, but isn’t it the truth, that greed was at the bottom of the fallout with the housing industry as well. If something does sound this good, it is by it’s nature suspicious. However, many were caught up in his web of deception. How many people could and would come up with such an elaborate scheme? Well, the heart of a man is truly evil. I think of this whenever a person says to me, “God knows my heart.” Hmmm, scary thought, since God Himself has stated, “the human heart above all things is wicked and deceitful. Who can know it?” He also states that “our own hearts deceive us.” Well that can be easily seen when you listen to a man like Bernie Madoff and he says plainly, I couldn’t stop myself. I knew this day was coming.”

Why couldn’t he stop himself? He became so caught up in his greed and corruption that he became, ‘criminally insane.‘ People say it’s as if he doesn’t have a soul. Well, that just isn’t true. Every man and woman has a soul and it is appointed that each and every one of us will give account for our deeds. The problem with people like Mr. Madoff is very simply what was  spoken of “his conscience has been seared as if with hot irons.”  ( 1 Timothy 4:2) He has been sinning for so long that his heart has become hardened and he cannot hear that small voice speaking to him. This voice of conscience is the voice that God has placed within each of us. The stone tablets placed upon man’s hearts so that when we stand before Him we are without excuse. (Prverbs 3:3, 2 Cor. 3:3) It is the barometer that keeps us on the straight and narrow. It is what separates us from the animals. The moral absolutes that God has given to us to protect us.

The Lord walked among the sinners, it is where He spent His time, because this is where He was needed and one very wealthy man approached him. He asked if he could follow Him. Very simply the Lord turned to Him and said, “yes. All you must do is sell everything you own and give your money to the poor.Matthew 19:21) Then follow me.” At this the man became very sad indeed. “Do you mean I must sell everything that my father slaved his whole life for?” This seemed insurmountable to this man. The Lord reminded him that any man or woman that could do this would be rewarded one hundred times over in the kingdom of God. This man just could not do this. The Lord turned back to His followers and addressed them. “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” (Matthew 19:24)

These spiritual truths are very difficult for a person of material means to grasp. They are inundated every day with the material world and the power they have acquired, but they share the same grave with the poor. Though this life is short by comparison, it is where most people store up their ‘things.’ Why? For other’s to steal and spend?

When my father was alive he had a job that he slaved for. It was important. He was married to a woman that had nothing but contempt for us, his children. My mother divorced my father when we were young, but I loved my father in spite of all of his problems and would do anything for him. His wife knew that we were close and she despised me. I was in a very abusive relationship and my father wanted me to live in his house with him. I could have lived anywhere, but I knew this was a way of him recapturing what he never had. A chance to have his daughter in his home again. I conceded. Even though I was 20, I moved in. His wife would not even get up off of the sofa and made it clear that she had no part in this plan. From the day I moved in, her and her daughter’s made my life miserable.

My father told me he would never go into my room and I knew that was true, however this woman and her two daughter’s went through my things and cut up my clothes. They took things from me and made sure to orchestrate an argument between me and my father. It had to happen. This woman controlled my father. When I finally said, “Dad, don’t be a hypocrite, she was running around with you when you were married with five kids.” I can tell you I never saw a woman that big come flying into another room as fast as she did, but it was clear from that moment that she did indeed brew this pot of poison and my father got up from where he was sitting and slapped me in the face. The this woman started screaming like a banshee and all the way to the front door. But interestingly enough it wasn’t about me. She was yelling derogatory remarks about my mother. I wondered in amazement at the odd things she was screaming out her front door as I watched my father trying to contain her as if she was a cherry bomb going through a neighbor’s window. Wow! So this is what all these years have stored up. Why did she hate my mom? My mom divorced my dad and yes, my dad wanted her back, but she always said, “to the victor goes the spoils.” She has the breadwinner and she wouldn’t let my dad pay for our house or anything. We were forced to move to a project once she got her hands on him. My mother suffered the death of my brother right in the middle of that and then had a nervous breakdown and no, the woman still wasn’t happy.

We were sent to a children’s home and she wouldn’t let my father take us into their house. Not that I would want that anyway. Now my oldest brother is mentally retarded because he was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck and he had to be placed in a home. This is right where the story gets interesting. Yes, of course all of this is sad, but I also see Gods hand. Vengeance is His, and He does repay.

My father always felt guilt about my brother, even though there was nothing he could do about him. But the evil woman had no compassion in her whatsoever. Now one evening we came to visit at Christmas and my brother became ill. I believe my dad was giving him beer, but that’s beside the point. He gave everyone beer. To this day, my brother will not touch a beer. My dad wanted him to stay the night. My brother only came to visit from the town he was in, twice a year, so this was a special time for my dad. All of a sudden I heard that wicked shrill voice, “Don! Come upstairs, right now!” He went up the stairs and a few minutes later he was down and telling us that we had to take my brother home and he wouldn’t be able to spend the night. I was furious. This woman, just deprived my father of any joy that he had.

When my father died, she made sure her children sat in the front row at the funeral. My father, who never walked into a church, except when I was a little girl, was now getting a eulogy, from a priest as if he was a regular member. The only thing the guy said about him that was true, was that, “Don liked to drink.” Geesh, even a guy off the street could have gotten that right. She made sure none of us were able to ride behind his hearse and at the gravesite she made sure to bury my father with the Purple Heart from my grandfather. She almost intentionally forgot to give my brother the military flag from my grandfather as well and was going to try to give it to her son, except he told her, “no!’ Then she ran after my brother to give it to him. This was the final straw. After my conversation with my father and knowing that he did this intentionally, which I never told her, it was on! This woman either knew about it or helped him do it and I was pissed! This bizarre behavior at his funeral just made me sick and my father would have been so hurt to know she was doing this to us.

So I investigated. She lied through her false teeth and false heart and I’m betting if those investigators would have seen what she did a few years later, they would have investigated all over again. But there was no need, because, as I said, God is the great leveler of mankind. We didn’t want money. My father didn’t either. He wanted a job. His job. We wanted our father. This woman didn’t love our father, and she sure didn’t love us and she loved money and things and in the end…she didn’t get either one.

A few years ago, I saw a little discrepancy on my credit report. It stated that I had a co-mortgage in 1997. How can this be? I had just purchased my first home in 1998. Well, I noticed that it was purchased in Milwaukee at a bank that this woman’s daughter had worked at and I was very suspicious. I was worried too. What if she or someone else has stolen my identity? Then I wondered about a possible Will that my father may have had. None of us cared. He didn’t really have anything anyway. But maybe they were using my credit somehow. So my brother, and my disabled brother flew up to Milwaukee to find out. We found out that his wife had died. I can only say, I did not grieve. I pray she repented before she died and that’s all I can say. She was one of the most evil people I knew. But when we pulled the deed for the house, she quit claimed it to her daughter. Ok, then we got the Will. She had left it opened for four years. My brother and I wondered why. “Oh, I told him, because their was a lawsuit pending. She wanted to get her greedy hands on that money. Remember? But wait a minute. What’s this? She only got $18,417.00 and now the State of Wisconsin came in with a bill for the care of our brother totalling $118,358.91! We started laughing so hard that my brother, who could not understand what we were laughing about, started laughing with us! No way! We started sifting papers. How could she begin to pay this? Hey, remember when she wouldn’t let Kevin stay at the house that one night?” lol This should cover the cost for that,” I said. “OMG, I gotta, call mom,” This is too rich”

So after looking through everything, funeral expenses, attorney’s fees and the settlement from the state, she ended up with about $4000. Really, all that hatred and the energy that went into trying to store up material wealth? Now she’s buried in a grave right smack dab next to my dad. “From ashes to ashes, from dust to dust.” Where did all that deception get her in the end? My mom sure had a laugh from all of it though. And although the woman was hell bent on making as much misery as she could for my mother, and I couldn’t understand it, my father’s words to me that last time were, “give my love to your mother.”

So when you look at people like Madoff, pity them. They do have a soul and as long as they are alive there is always a chance that they can turn. Prison may be a blessing. We are all a slave to whatever masters us, so we should take a good hard look at ourselves and see if we are indeed so different than the rich man. Could we let go of all of these things? Test your own hearts and see. Remember the apostle Paul tells us to be content in all things.Because it is not money that is the root of all evil, but it is “the love of money that is the root of all evil.” I hear people  misquoting that scripture all the time.

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