At Least You’re Not Dead

me and my brother Kevin
me and my brother Kevin

I went into an electronics store a couple of years ago right after having my oil changed in my car. The man told me that I had “major oil leaks in my car.” Well this was no surprise since I had a trail of the messy spots everywhere on my new paver bricks in my driveway. The car was nothing but trouble since I bought it at that great used car dealership that states “they would let you purchase anything that they wouldn’t drive.” You know the one that has the barnyard animal prancing by in their ads. Oh yea? I’d rather have a horse!!!

Well, I digress; I also had a camera that had been returned to me for the fifth time and they inadvertently took the batteries, so that I couldn’t test it when it was returned to see if it was indeed repaired. Grrrr! Ok, I will spring for the batteries, even though I am one to stand on principal, but time is money. So, I drive down the street and walk into the store.
Up and down the aisles I wander. I could have sworn it was right here. Hmmm. Right about then it happens. I come face to face with a girl about my daughters age. She had glasses that looked to big for her face and I said, ” I’m looking for this camera.”
“Oh, we don’t sell that anymore,” she said.
Well, after just hearing about my oil leaks, and combined with the fact that I shouldn’t be buying these batteries in the first place!
I’m more than a little perturbed! I said, “of course you don’t.
She then looks at me and says, “At least you’re not dead!”
I stared at her in amazement and I said, “What?”
And rather than retracting her statement, as any normal person might do, she pressed on. “Well, I have a lot of friends that are dead and they’d like to be where you are right now!”
“Oh they would, would they? Well, they can’t help me with my oil leaks in my car nor can they help me find batteries for my camera, can they?”
I had to pick my son up from school and left.
When I told him the story he laughed so hard and he said, well if you were dead you couldn’t have brought uncle Kevin down to live with you. That is my disabled brother.
I then shared this story with my daughter and she said, “how could she have so many dead friends if she was so young?”
I don’t know I said, “maybe she killed them.”
At any rate I had to check to make sure it really was an electronics store that I had walked into and not Dr. Phil’s.
This one statement has gotten so much mileage, however, that to this day I am still using it.
I turned it into a song with the melody of The Little Drummer Boy.
When I was harassed at work about my hair color being too red it became, “the people at work said my hair was too red, but at least I’m not dead, at least I’m not dead, at least I’m not dead, at least I’m not dead.
Then one day the cat peed on my bed. And that became part of the song.
And virtually anything could be added.
When we were at work everyone would do something and turn to each other and say, “hey, at least you’re not dead!
Kind of catchy isn’t it? If only the girl knew what she had started. She could have made some money on this.
I wanted to get that camera fixed and gone back to video tape her saying it.
But alas, the camera was a piece of crap and it went back for the very last time, but  hey, AT LEAST I’M NOT DEAD!

Get Back In the Game!

I am calling again and if I had your number, (I’m sure you are glad that I don’t) I would say, “hey Bobby, don’t be a quitter!” This is what you lived for! You had a passion for! You breathed every breath into that harmonica just for these days!  You know God gives us these gifts to glorify Him. Do you not understand, oh son of David? The fig tree has blossomed and summer is near, which could only mean one thing….”the generation that sees these things happen will surely not pass away before my return”(Luke 21:32) Now get up off of whatever it is your sitting on and do what you do best.

Benjamin Netanyu has taken his position for “such a time as this,” and so have all of the power players that the Lord has strategically put in place for the final countdown. The spiritual showdown has begun. The watchmen on the walls.(Ezekiel 3:16-19)

 All Along The Watch Tower Bob Dylan

We are supposed to be out there and warn the Joker and the Theif. They are searching for answers right now and the worlds economy are depending on the ones who carry the message of truth. They are they Watchmen holding back the floodgates. The Holy Spirit, (the one who restrains evil) is searching for the lost, but He cannot help them if your sword remains in it’s sheath. Draw your sword. The sword of the spirit is the word of God and it is powerful. It is the truth and it is more powerful than any two-edged sword.

As man runs to and fro seeking knowledge, the prophet Daniel had spoken of these days and he was “like one who was dead,” from what he had seen. These men will not find any relief unless they come to one conclusion, “our help comes from the Lord.”

Now if it seems like I’m taunting Bob Dylan, well maybe I am, but that’s just because I think he’s a genius and a gifted man of God that has fallen away and I’m praying he returns to his calling, however there are so many more that are called to be a part of this end time harvest.

The most powerful thing I remember when Christ spoke to His Disciples was this; although he had called hundreds only a handful remained and he said, “many are called but few are chosen.”

So we know that it is a lonely road a very few that travel on it. And although many call themselve believers, that really doesn’t mean a thing, because He also said that in the end many would call upon Him and say, “Lord, did we not prophecy in your name? Did we not heal the sick in your name? And he will say to them, “Depart from me you workers of iniquity, I never knew you.” Which clearly indicates He did not have any intimate relationship with the person, but perhaps the person was clinging to false works as a way to salvation. A form of religion, but denying Gods ultimate power.

In these days it is critical to understand that “God is real and He is a rewarder to those who believe that He is, and to those who diligently seek Him.”

a voice of this generation

a voice of this generation

The Joker and the Thief

The Joker and the Thief

Who Do You Say I Am?

Watching the world and what is happening is like watching a loop of history in the making. Do you think God has stopped working? Has He stopped sending His messengers? Does He stop speaking through vessels? No, but people can certainly plug their ears if one chooses to, and many do.

It’s fascinating to me that in ancient days men would not think of conquering foreign lands without spiritual advisors, yet men think they can run countries and even less than that, business, without the advice of spiritual leaders. If God is pushed out, it is only a matter of time before corruption creeps in. The leven in the bread, that is spoken about. It ruins the whole batch.Whatever is taking place at the top trickles down. In companies it ruins them from the top down. And then the nations. Do you see it? If God is not in control, everything will collapse. He is trying to show us this. He longs to reveal Himself to us.

The reason for greed is a mistrust of God and His provision. Didn’t He say to bring everything into the storehouse first?  ( Malachi3) Do you think God needs money? Of course not. This is for our own benefit.So that we can be blessed. It is to show Him that we trust Him. To show Him thanks for what He has given us. It is the only place in the bible where He tells us “test me in this, and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it. ” ( Malachi 3: 10) Well, excuse me but I’m not seeing any floodgates opening up in this country right now. This country used to be flowing with milk and honey and tell me what has changed? I’ll tell you what I’ve noticed from a personal level. I used to fly for Eastern Airlines and at the same time my father worked for Continental Can Company. We all know that Frank Lorenzo was no friend of the people, when it came to  labor. He certainly didn’t trust God for provision. He  was a hard taskmaster and I saw many a persons, life  destroyed because of this one man and his greed. At the same time my father had his job stripped out from under him after 35 years with his company because of corporate downsizing and a few months later he said goodbye to me and he was gone.

Now look at what has happened with this corporate greed in this country. Men that had a fear of not getting for themselves and taking from their own laborers that God had entrusted to them. Did anyone think that God Himself was not going to deal with this nation? It doesn’t matter if people choose not to believe in God. It doesn’t change the truth. Truth is absolute. And it’s a good thing God believes in man or we’d all be in a lot of trouble! Fortunately we have redemption and Christ is coming!

 The heavens have been sealed up because of this and this land is under a curse. But the Lord sends messengers to these men to help them.Yes, He has compassion for all men. They don’t always recognize the messengers. Most of them are puffed up with pride and will only look for other’s with status to help them out of their mess. As most believers know, God does not work that way. They hide in fear because of their deeds.They think the messengers are like them but they are not. They think that they have planned everything perfectly, yet all of their plans will come to nothing, because the Lord has perfectly orchestrated His own plans. A plan that will bring the messengers right to them. Yet they still think that it was their own plan that they have devised and when they see it they will be amazed and God will glorify Himself in it because it would be an impossible thing for man to accomplish all of these things. In the end Gods plans and purposes will be accomplished and it is not retribution that He has in mind but restitution(Jeremiah 29:11) This is so the Lord can bless this country once again.

Yes, no one recognizes the messenger because it is not an earthly calling but a spiritual calling. It usually is a humble position. Flying under the radar and sometimes the messenger even forgets their own calling, however, the Lord gently reminds them of their mission and the suffering is always worth the reward in the end. Souls are at stake and their is nothing greater than that.

There’s A Train Comin

Get On The Train!

Get On The Train!

I Love Bob Dylan. Especially when he was in his born again days. Slow Train Coming No one can turn a phrase like the master poet himself. But I’ve always wondered, how can a Jewish man, who has discovered the Messiah, undiscover the Messiah? I’m not sure that he’s forgotten Him, but it seems that he is indifferent. At least at one time he gave powerful witness to him in his music. Almost prophetic in the music mentioned above. Although in my own life, I did the same thing, I must admit. I had a fallen away a few times. I think as believers we are all in danger. As they say, the enemy doesn’t care about unbelievers, he already has them. It’s the serious believers he wants.

Remember when Peter said to the Lord, where else can I go Lord? It was a profound statement. After walking with him, he knew he could never leave. And the Lord did tell him he would suffer in his walk with him. Yes, indeed he did, and in the end, Peter would not even be crucified in the same manner, but insisted that he be crucified  upside down.

Now there is a slow train coming indeed. A stripping away is taking place in this world. Markets are crashing and man is beginning to scratch their heads in amazement as they wonder  how to fix all of the mess. Resources are beginning to dry up and yet there is only one that can solve all problems. The redeemer. He is on His way.

Why do you think the time has been slow? The tock has been ticking. To allow every man a chance.  The natural man must put away what is natural and hear what is spiritual. A voice crying in the desert. Did John the Baptist care about his house? His clothes? He ate locusts and wild honey? Ok, that sounds pretty gross, however, he didn’t store up anything. It is a picture of his total reliance on God and His provision for his every need. He didn’t have a need to steal from his neighbor or to hoard things because of fear. This is the ultimate sin against God.

This is what God was trying to teach the nation of Israel in the desert. That He was the only one that they could depend on when He gave them manna from heaven. When they had more than they needed, they ate until they were sick or it rotted. The manna was a type or foreshadow of the real manna, Jesus Christ, the bread come down from heaven. Remember at Passover, he spoke to his disciples and told them this very same thing. I am giving you this bread, take this and eat it, for when you do this and every time you will think of me. He was to be the fulfillment of the Passover on the cross. The unblemished lamb. The unleavened bread. Amazing. And at the same time he was crucified, the veil was torn in the temple, symbolizing that we could now enter the holy of holies. At the time, the disciples did not even understand the full meaning of the Passover meal with the Messiah. They still would have kept him from going to the cross if they could, yet it was for all of us that He had to accomplish this.

This is why God gave the Israelites manna and told them not to waste anything.It was so precious.It has taken me a long time to realize this about myself.  I am happier with less. Of course we have things we must be responsible for, yet when you think back to your childhood, wasn’t it carefree, because you had nothing to maintain? No things to hold on to? Well, that is, if you weren’t a spoiled child. Parents that bombard their children will suffer the same punishment that spoiled adults will suffer from. Overindulgent, egotistical behavior, usually with some kind of serious behavioral problem.The Lord longs to change the hearts  these these people before it’s too late. The last train is just about to leave the station. ALL ABOARD!!!!

Where Are Men Of Integrity?

“And the Lord searches the earth, to and fro, looking for those who have faith…

Hmmm…faith is something that is intangible and not a religious experience, contrary to what others may believe. It is a personal experience and a very intimate relationship with God. Those who truly know Him cannot disobey Him, because the truth is in them. The government is upon His shoulders. What did He mean when He made this statement? He meant that our world government is corrupt and that the system of law would be carried out through truth in His body of believers. It would be a spiritual government versus a physical government that is slowly eroding as you can see all around you. No one knows that better than I do. I have experienced it with local state and government agencies and it will get progressively worse, because the Lord Himself stated that man is imperfect. Men can be bought and some for a very small price tag.

It is sad, yet God longs for us to turn to Himself so that we can be made whole. It is this one area that is the most difficult for us. Our pride. The area that keeps us imprisoned. This is why Christ told us that it is the simple act of ‘truth’ that liberates us, yet we are so ensnared by compounding lie after lie, and the enemy of our souls would be perfectly content with keeping us focused on things that are natural and corrupt until we die.

I am amazed that their are very few men of integrity left in this world anymore. All through scripture, God preserved for Himself a remnant that would not bow their knees to Baal. This was the pagan god that represented Beelzebub, or Satan.

Elijah himself dealt with the prophets of Baal and put their prophets to shame and the very next day ran in terror from Jezebel, however in due time he made sure that she met her demise and she was thrown over the palace walls and eaten by dogs. No power is greater than the Lords.

The god of this world( Baal) is soon to be overthrown and we know that this corrupt system will come to an end. Yes, God’s government is upon His shoulders. And how does that government exist? Well, how did it exist when Christ walked this earth? Didn’t the Jews ask Him that very same question? Some of them thought that He came to overthrow the Romans and they were very disappointed with Him. They were looking for an earthly ruler. He told them very clearly,”my government is not of this world.” The disciples, however, and the prophets new what  His true calling was. He was the Messiah, the One that had fulfilled   the prophetic scriptures. Isaiah spoke about everything Yeshua would fulfill down to the 39 lashings on his back and being buried in a rich mans grave in the 53 chapter,500 years before the messiah came to earth! But the teachers of the law were blinded by pride, so they did not want to accept the truth.

The same thing will still exist today as we draw closer to the end of the age. The government is a spiritual government and shall not exist but in the body of believers by the truth. When you enter a court do you not swear an oath to God to tell the truth? Yet, we still have men that lie and perjur themselves before the Lord and He will hold them accountable on that day. These men are arrogant and think that the one that has created them does not see them, nor hear them. The president still is sworn in on the bible and this is still a “country under God.”

Men killing men and hurting one another all in the name of pride. Holding on to false images of themselves. These are idols that they must tear down in order to enter into a real relationship with God. He tells us that we must not have any false images, this is a commandment and it includes false images of ourselves.

I went into an attorneys office the other day and he had asked me, ‘what makes you so important?”  I never said that I was “so important.”  I wanted to ask him why he thought he was so important. The man started out ranting and raving in such an abusive manner that I thought he was crazy. He opened his door as if he was putting on a show and I almost started laughing as if he was my teacher in 7th grade when he lost it. “Me think that thou doest protest too much”) I thought of the kids in high school that take out their cell phones and video blog their teachers. He thought he was great.

When he walked me down the hall before we ever sat down he stated, “I don’t even know what this is about.” Well of course you don’t, I haven’t spoken to you yet.” Which, in my mind meant, this is strange for you to say. He grabbed a paper out of my hand and basically told me that I was wrong and started yelling and then stated “I have no patience with people!” When I spoke about corruption, he stated, I don’t care about corruption!”

Ok, that is the most outrageous thing I’ve ever heard in my life from someone that is supposed to uphold the law and a stark picture of what the Lord was trying to convey to the Jews about the Romans. A keen understanding of mans laws versus Gods laws was beginning to take hold in me at that moment. The mans idiotic behavior continued as I watched in silence and let him puff up and I thought, yes, his ego is getting all it needs right now and I’m afraid for him, because I do know who I am to the Lord. I am very important because I carry the message. Because in the heavenly kingdom everything is reverse. We do not strive for importance, we strive for truth. We do not look for wealth, we look for integrity. I longed for this man to know the compassion of the Lord because if he did he wouldn’t be so angry.

In Malachi 3, the messenger comes first to warn those who have harmed Gods people. Those who have commit perjury, those who have defrauded the workers, those who have taken advantage of the orphans and the widows, the sorcerers(drug dealers), etc. The Lord knows who those messengers are and where He is sending them. His calling is irrevocable. Baruch Ha Ba Ba Shem Adonai

 Then it is the Lord Himself that will come. “

He gives everyone an opportunity and the law is written on every man’s heart so that when he stands before Him he is without an excuse.”

Dude, Is that a Gun, or are you just happy to see me???

Don't Mess With Me!

Don't Mess With Me!

Yes, It was early in the morning and I was coming home from the bar. I had been out with my brother and some friends. I was living with my dad at the time and he lived on a street that was considered a ‘snow emergency route,’ and for those of you that don’t know what that is, you cannot park on those streets in the winter, therefore, you must park on the next block. A royal pain in the arse. Especially when coming home at the hour that I was and adding to my paranoia. Well, after all, I am a woman and observant of all things! I grew up in the ghetto and learned to be observant. I had an ass of an attorney tell me that I was a conspiracy theorist the other day, when I thought he needed serious anger management classes or I reminded him of his ex or current wife! But that will be another story.

I do not miss any details and that’s why I didn’t get out of my car on this particular evening as I parked and looked into my rear view mirror. It was about 3:30am and I had some cold medicine and that mixed with a drink(or two). I was in condition to drive because I made sure I didn’t drive when I was not in bad shape. I’d seen the death of too many friends at a young age.

As I noticed a car coming up the block, I decided to wait and this car passed me, but it pulled into the alley and stopped. The car door opened up and I saw a bare foot step out into the cold pavement. I was shocked when all of a sudden a man about six foot tall stepped out and started walking toward my car, totally nude! I had to do a double take! Was this the cold medicine kicking in about two hours later!!! I had to act fast. I was outside of an apartment building and ghetto gurl was about to go crazy on him! “Steve! Get out here, right now! I screamed at the top of my lungs! I had to pretend that my boyfriend lived in the apartment building adjacent to my car and fast before those long legs reached my door! And how in the world did he not feel the zero temps while he was strolling toward me? Something told me that he had practiced this before. It was as if he were in his dining room and he was walking over to offer me a drink.

 At the sound of my screams the guy ran and jumped into his car.

Now I was pissed! He started driving fast as he could to get away!

Oh no you don’t, I thought! I took off after him! We were screeching up and down alleys and streets! I’m trying to get his license number and it’s covered with mud! I’m sure he deliberately covered this plate with mud because he’s done this before, I thought.

Then a strange thing happens; He pulls back into an alley and rolls down his window so that he can speak to me. “What’s your problem he asks me. “WHAT!” ARE YOU KIDDING ME?”  What’s my  problem? What’s your problem? Do you always run around with no clothes on? You need to see a counselor.”

“Ok, just forget about it, just forget you ever saw it! ”

At this point I think the guy is about to cry. He takes his car and pulls it almost right toward me and then swerves around me and takes off.

The next morning, I’m telling my dad about the whole incident and he says, “oh my God, are you crazy? He could have had a gun!”

“Dad, I saw what the man had, he didn’t have a gun.”

I Lost My Burrito!

I love this story. A flight attendant told me this one day. He was on a layover in San Jose and he decided to go to Tijuana on a layover with some friends for a few hours. It is a common shopping spree for flight attendants. It’s also common for illegals apparently to try and hop the border. He said he was standing in line on his way back across and he was behind a woman that could barely speak English. She had the border patrol approach her and the man asked her, “why are you here?” She answered, “I came to get my husband a burrito.” And if that weren’t hilarious enough, he looks down and asks,” well, where is the burrito?” She then pauses, and in her rehearsed English states, “I lost it!” The Border Agent reaches below a table and presses a button and two more agents show up and escort her away.
My friend said he was cracking up and he said, “you must hear everything.” The guy said, “oh yea, I hear it all, but that was pretty good!”
He said, man I could have walked through with a bag full of pot after that!”

I Lost My Burrito!


My daughter’s birthday

My little girl and her friends.

My little girl and her friends.

What a difference this birthday party was. She had a party, without my permission a couple of years ago and word had it, that it  was the mother of all parties.”

Of course she wasn’t going to do that again, so this time I was actually invited to be present. Before it even began, I went to my neighbors the ones that are offended by everything, and tried to make peace.I told them that they could even stop over for a drink if they wanted to.

Of course I had been over to their house, long before this and what I witnessed with their daughter and her friends, made my daughter look like she was an angel. I thought that sheer embarassment alone would be enough to keep them at bay, but alas, the police still arrived at my door at about 2:30am.

“Hello”, the officer young enough to be at the party said.We had a call. “Oh, let me guess, was it them?” I pointed at my next door neighbor’s house. “Oh no, it was anonymous. But then they stated that it did come from the block behind me. Hmmm, that’s funny, if it was anonymous, how did they know it was from the block behind me?

At any rate they told me that since it was after midnite, I would have to control the noise by bringing all of these people in from my patio. As soon as I told the group of about 30 people, they started to clean and actually moved the table I had on the patio(that they had converted to a beer pong table in short order). This was an unbelievable group of well behaved young people. I had a great time and one of them actually taught me how to play beer pong. Even though I told him, I would not be drinking those shots of beer.

I sipped on a glass of Merlot for the whole evening and did have a glass of champagne earlier to toast my daughter, but all in all, this party could have been a hellacious experience.

I realized that my daughter truly has matured and it was a wonderful thing to witness.