Hello world!

brown-hat-sepia2Well, I did the Disney thing with my kids this year and now I am in desperate need of a vacation…again! I’m always amazed that my they don’t seem to get sick of all of it. I’m also a little disappointed. OK, I’m a little scroogy. But there’s a whole world out there!

I have to admit when it comes to Christmas the Disney magic does have it. There wasn’t a display that could compete with this. The lights were synchronized to the music and it was simply incredible. There were trees everywhere you looked and they were all towering over us. It was a picturesque view with the palm trees and the beautiful silver moon beaming between the clouds with a huge Christmas tree decorated with giant Santa’s and bulbs, right outside of the park. They even pumped out fake snow for all of the people that hadn’t had enough of the real thing and the poor little children that never had the experience of the frostbitten fingers and toes. Yes, I can almost hear the music as I was on my flight to move to Miami…”oh don’t cry for me poor Milwaukee, it’s not like I ever left you. My poor frozen hands and feet, will forever stay with me. Like your beloved brats and cheese.” (sung to the tune of don’t cry for me Argentina, of course)

That story is totally wasted on my children. They will never get it when I share the “standing at the bus stop in below zero weather.” The little ingrates. They were bundled up when we were at Disney World and it was in the 60’s. Yes, I should be ashamed, but I’ve betrayed the ranks of my former cheeshead lineage and was as bundled as could be. I even complained that I should have worn a winter coat, if only one could be found. Sorry guys.

Next year, I’m thinking we will head south for the winter. I’m thinking deep south.

Merry Christmas everyone and stay warm!